Run 1709

Run: 1709
Hare: Now Loved & VD
Location: Miami
Date: 2nd August, 2010

Thu winta chills blowin across the parkland did not deturr thu GCHHH pak .

Word had spred that thu traila was out of mothballs and a heartey barbq was on offa.

Tha pack set off on a trail north along tha beech, however the smell ov a cold ail was two much for a small pac of walkas who headed off ova tha hill led by Dickie knees ( two of them this week).

Tha pub on the corna was the gathering spot for few of tha pak, watching the FRBs running by three times they then joined in the trek back ova tha hill and down to the nosh area.

Traila, extra barbq, lights and a host of amature chefs greeted tha pak.

Back to cans of beer toonite boys, Cumagen has old stock to get rid of befour we get into the keg gig.

Goat Farka arrives to assist booze master finds its two cold and heads off looking for his dummy.

Cicle is called at 8.16 PM

The hairs are first up and some form of political propagader cup kakes are handed out to the pak.

Two ugly foatos are on the icing (icing should have been the areses… on sec) a clear breech of rule one of hash is called by all. Mumbles is asked four comment on the nosh and gets caught with a mouth full of the g@# kake………. His comments are understood by all !!!!!!!!!

Auzzie sucks up to the GM again!!!!!!! Dobbing in the “over the hill” gang.

Ferrett gives the nosh 7.5 outa 10 and comments its great to see the traila outa mouthballs.

GM Flasha has another neer miss of a Flasha Fuck Up and calls Josephine into circle. Stand by Josephine !!!

Bent Banana gives a note to the hairs and the rabble give the worst DD song in hash history and get away with it !!!

Josephine …. Your back now …… Wot do you get four $8500 and 15 years ……….. 700 runs that’s wot!!!!!

Well Done!!!! Josephine ……… He gets fitted at great expense for his flack Jacket to be suitably “Hashed” to recognize this enormous effort.

Missing Link give a note…….

The R/A is called and has appeard with a hair cut obviously from the training academy for $5 or he has resorted to uzing the dog clippers….. either way the popal hat back PLEASE.

KB gets called to circle and gets charged with fishin instead of attending the byke ride recky on Sundy. KB gets a yellow card for GM and MFLE disrespect … Trumpped uppppp!!!!!!

KB is called back to circle for another DD (seems GM Flasha is gonna give the on sec greef over the Fuck up comments) On sec claimes the need to report the truth and how it is …….. as all journalists should. KB is charged with spellin things rong and GM suggecsts turning off tha spell chek on the computa. AS you can cee I have tayken his advice.

Auzzie gets a DD for no hash gear …… sucking up is working great so far !!!!!!

VD gets aDD for introducing Geoff (now loved) to the pak.

Dicky Knee(s) gets a DD for having a little dick …… R/A is just jelous!

GM gets it for claiming a sore sholda and Dicky Knee taked the DD.

Sir AH gives a note.

Vetran and Misscarrraige get a DD for waysting free birthday crowneys. Vetran says “ wasntme” drink it anyway Vetran.

Charges are called for ……….

Misscarrrraige calls Sir Prince for disclosing his chronic case of herpes.

Sir Slab calls Ferret, Missing Link and Sir Prince in to explain the splinter lunch additional activities.

Seems the vague recakll is Melbas around 4.30 for a roady, Irish pub (somewhere) for 3 Pints (each) Ferret seems to recall a surf club in the mix somewhere too. Nowmal domestic harmony from the group seem to be the reports with “you’re a discrace” Banned for 1 month, Your kidding you want sex!!!!!.

Two Dogs gives a note!!

PS ….. Seems Link has late recalled ……..6.30 pm arrival , two days later some communication, still not talking much (lucky barstard)

Pommie is called to circle ……….. R/A declares his name “Pommie” has NOT been issued under strict Hash rulz and declares his official hash name is RECTUM …… something to do with Bottomley as a surname I’m told.

A touching naming ceremony followed with GM Flasher christening RECTUM with holy water and R/A dubbing him named RECTUM.

POW Sir slab ……… gave it to Blackie in absetier . So Bung copped it for just being there.

Three goes at the half yard glass was not a bad effort.

Sir Slab reminded the pak of the bargain prices for only $120 going to $150 next week …… so flick your doe to Flasha and he will send it on.

Sir AH declared the “ great bike ride “ entreez opened for Sunday the 29th

Moonbeams continued to suck up looking for a gold card …… to no avail not sucking hard enough yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vetran ….. dobbed Sir Rabbit and Rock hard for some shit …. But by now the on sec is getting a bit pissssed and carnt read his scribble.

Sir AH , Now loved, VD.

The Bithdat guys get a note ….Thanks for the crownies boys !!!!!!!!

9pm on the dot circle closed.

On On

Kitchen Bitch

PS Thanks heaps Goat Farka for doing the notes last week … great job!!!! ……..On sec

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