Run 1713

Run: 1713
Hare: Pizza & Jigsaw
Location: Chevron Island
Date: 30th August, 2010

Our stand-in last minute hares gather on the western end of Chevron Island to greet the pack and send them on the way with the promise of a great “drink stop” on the way round.

Pizza heads off just after the pack leaves in his trusty ute and greets half the pack on the way over the Chevron bridge .. The word is out !!!!! Drinks will be at the “Pizza Hut”!!! Pizza’s work in progress abode opposite the golf course. Caustic/ Scarface is the sweeper following the pack off in the general direction of the NSW border. The SCB’s soon figure Pizza’s joint is just along here and round the corner; they are greeted with numerous icy cold beers with red wine chasers both brewed by our Italian stud, with the grapes squashed with his own feet during some sex romp in the back yard wine vat. There’s only 52 litres of the beer and 640 litres of the red announces Pizza ……… so drink up boys!!!!! “AND SO THEY DID !!!”

Over the next 40 minutes the pack came in from all directions with every excuse imaginable for SCB’s. Pizza calls “last drinks at 7.45 pm ….coz I gotta take these wogs stayin ear to tha airport, so fuck off!!!

Back to the nosh on Chevron and Jigsaw takes the tag team duo to the next level.

Seems sister-in-law Helen has (been) volunteered to do the cooking with a great lasagna and Jigsaw’s secret recipe dessert being enjoyed by all.

8.35 PM Circle is called.

The hare comment is first and Josephine declares he got on the piss early and headed off West ……. Good solid run and great drinks stop too!!!

The Bent Banana gave “Helen’s Nosh” 8/10 commenting on the great herbs used in the dish.

The pack gave Helen a telecommunications DD along with Jigsaw while Pizza was off delivering the wogs to the airport.

GM Flasher declares “he is not FEELING himself” ???????……..(that will be a change)

Returning runners Bung, Blowfly and Josephine are called to get a DD . Josephine lodges his usual protest claiming “you’re short on numbers (That will be enough of the SHORT comments) Sir Rabbit gives a note.

POW Rockhard is called with all the POW gear still firmly in the carry bag.

KB gets nominated for being on the piss at Pizza’s ALL NIGHT (as you may see in these notes)

Rockhard gets the POW back for hierarchy abuse (finally) and ROCKHARD YOU’RE ON THE ICE.???

Point Two gets through the secret code letter quiz!!!!!!

Aussie gets it for 3.30 AM spam not knowing the moon from Mars. Goat Farka gives our extraterrestrial traveler a note.

Aussie is back in for further travel tales …… seems the Saturday Sharks game was transferred to Sunday and they told the other 15,000 people and forgot our lonely little Aussie. Bent Banana gives a note!!!

Jigsaw stands in for his co-hare Pizza and charged with No Effort.

Seems Pizza is quoted as saying “You would only #$@% a harriet if you are too lazy to W@#$ yourself !!! Hmmmmmmmmmm S.O.L. appears to have changed Pizza’s stand on this subject.

Old Fart gives a note !! ( What the hell is he doing here SO early??)

Rectum claims to have carried Old Fart all the way !!!! Old Fart gets a DD and Rectum gives a note.

Charges are called.

KB charges Caustic with now knowing what it’s like to have a gash .. as usual KB’s charge backfires and KB gets the DD

Sir Prince Gets a DD for some reason the on sec cannot read (told you I was getting pissed)

Goat Farka escapes and Caustic and Point Two both end up on the ice (Caustic is cheating with the feet locations …… but watch this space) “Fucking pathetic” protests Point Two (that’ll get you 5 minutes more)

R/A and GM abuse, and profanities continue to cascade from the guilty pair to see their time extended numerous times.

Bent Banana offers a hash prayer of three verses.

Point Two is off the ice!!!!!!

Goat Farka is wacked for “bad attitude” declares……. don’t give a fuck …. I’m off to Cairns (You’ll be back!!)

Next week’s run … Sir Prince.

Old Fart has secured the Hash trailer a new home …….. Gold Card coming for SURE !!!!!

However that’s not the only Gold Card Old Fart is getting this week …….. seems Telstra has seen 32 years as long enough to support aging scout masters and Old Fart is about to get the MASSIVE redundancy package ….. 12 September will be a big day …….The 13th is a Monday so be ready for Old Fart’s shout!!!

Sir Rabbit gives a note !!!!!!

Goat Farka is observed getting into Cairns mode early joining Caustic in the no shoes brigade.

Circle closes 9.10PM

Another day in Hash land closes in a fog of alcoholic (p)mist.

Thanks for the lift Goaty.

On On


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