Run 1714

Run: 1714
Hare: Sir Slab & Sir Prince
Location: Robina
Date: 6th Sept., 2010

Robina Cricket meeting or not the run venue was ours!!!

The pack gathered and the faintest waft of Thai spices was already in the air.

Sir Slab you’re on -> that way, and off went the back into alleyways and tracks that no-one knew existed in this built up area. A fantastic run though all sorts of terrain and back to be greeted with a strong nomination for N.O.T .Y.

Sir Prince is in his glory ………. Cleaver in hand, pots and wok on the boil and 25 kilograms of prime chicken fillets at bargain basement prices, our Asian chef shows how it’s done for “just a tad “over the hash nosh allowance. Thai soup followed by enough Thai green curried chicken to feed not only the whole pack to overflowing, Cumsmoke three helpings and then the Robina Cricket Club Committee to boot.

Just when we all about to burst …. Out comes the famous Sir Prince Banana fritters and ice cream ……… the diet and the budget are now officially shot to pieces.

8.40pm circle is called.

First up is NOT the hares as usual but our two booze masters………… Where the fuck is the ironing board alter demands GM Flasher??? How the hell can you lose such a precious and expensive piece of Hash gear you two twits???? Seems Cumagen didn’t tie it on, or Goatfarka has been boogey boarding behind the Goat Boat. Either way these two are obviously shattered to realize they will not have to lug this item from pillar to post each week.

GM announces another new innovation in hash ….. a weekly sponsor !!!

First out of the blocks is Bent Banana’s Bawdy Boutique ………. Edible undies and pushem up bras are on introductory special this week only!!!

Next up are the two hares ……… Sir’s Slab and Prince Valiant.

1000 years hashing rolled into one night!!!!!!!!!!!

Shet is asked to comment and quotes the run as the best on he has been on (in the last six weeks) Botcho, last year’s trail master says “excellent, good false trails…. Even Miscarriage helped by leading the pack down most of them”.

On the nosh ……Missing Link says “great …. Excellent …. Well presented too!”

Even the Cricket team got to vote !!!

Veteran gives a note !!!!!!!!

Caustic calls for a point score and Missing Link gives it 9.5/10 …. A clear leader in the N.O.T.Y stakes.

Returning Runners …… Shet (6 Weeks) Blackstump, Showpony, Sqeeky Fart (son of Old) are called to circle to hear Blackies “near death” experience.

Seems there is something to be said for Dicky Knees slow training methods, as Blackie has spent over 10,000 hrs training, 1,000 Klms on the bike, 2,500 Klms running and to Tasmania and back swimming…. All that to miss the plane by a day!!! Seems it left today without our Blackie for good reason ( and thank goodness it did) Our Blackie wasn’t feeling the best last week at hash so off to Pindara emergency he goes ….. You’ve peaked early Blackie says the doc!!! “You’ve got massive sperm build up in the legs old boy!!” or was it deep vein thrombosis ????????? So if Blackie had survived the plane trip (not so likely apparently)he would most have certainly ended up in a Budapest hospital, which aint soooooo pretty.

But the cure is in sight ….. “Easy Blackie” says the Doc. “Just take these 180 injections over the next few months with two a day into your guts, turn yourself into a human condom with this elastic gut to ankle thingey and don’t have sex for three months”. That’s all !!! Then you’ll be right as rain again.

GM makes another appointment ( the hierarchy is looking like the house of Lords)

After sniggers about frivolous charges coming our of last week from some un-named hashers, Sir Rabbit has been appointed “Honorary Ombudsman of Frivolity” making him the adjudicator of all charges.

Caustic asks ………. Is that with a silent “P” ……… P O O F ?????????

R/A is called.

Blackie gets it for his “sore legs sob story”

Miscarriage gets it just as payback

Sir Rabbit adjudicates on his P O O F capacity and gives a note.

Booze masters get it for running out of red ( a MAJOR crime) and light beer.

Caustic and Shet get charged too and Goaty fronts up to say “I’m outahere” so betta find another booze master to help my mate out. I’m off to Centrelink Cairns!!!

Thanks for all your friendship in hash and DON’T look me up in Cairns!!!! (you’ll keep)

( Been great having you Goaty ….. we will miss your humour)

Cumagen accidently spills his DD on half the pack ( Booze masters do that …. Coz they think that shit is all theirs)

Shet gives a note!

Charges are called for ………..

You guessed it …….. Miscarraige is up first (why is he sooooooo quiet??)

Rockhard is attacked for having the “temerity” (big word for a little man) to call Miscarriage Missing Link …… However it seems Miscarriage’s eye sight is failing him!!! Rockhard is of course this week’s POW and under that coat of his lurks “the prick” …………..

It’s yours Miscarriage !!!!!!! ……….. P.O.W!!

Miscarriage protests to our newly appointed POOF Sir Rabbit who simply states …… your fucked old boy !!!!!

Rock hard gives a note and Miscarriage goes into equal first place in the POW half-yard DD stakes taking only two gulps to get it down.

Rug is up next and attempts to strap on the ultimate charge……….. Seems a hash member had advised him where to get new printer cartridges at the right price ….. but if you have been in MI6 you don’t need to read the instructions ( Two Dogs says British Intelligence is impossible … they don’t go in the same sentence ???) ……… so permanent tattoos on his hands and $1,500 worth of fucked carpet later Rug tries to lay the blame on GM Flasher and charges him, calling for “icing” …… GM Flasher admits some blame and R/A puts it to the vote as to icing or not………… the resounding vote is “YES ICING!!”

Good ……….. RUG you’re on the ice ……… no bare feet for our GM ….. Get you bare arse on it !!!

Squeaky Fart gives a note.

Sir Slab advises the pack that Yetti from Christchurch NZ has texted back on the earthquake after Sir Slab enquired on his wellbeing .. the reply was “House fucked –wife OK’’ or was that the other way round??????

Rug is off the ice.

A member was charged by GM Flasher that he had received a call from some black guy looking for a member to look after his sister ….. something to do with having elbowed cat or something??

Josephine survived the secret hidden code quiz.


BAZZA’S BIRTHDAY BASH at the FERRET hole. 70 Years and going strong !!!!!!!!

Moonbeams called END OF CIRCLE …. 9.30 on the knocker.

Bye Bye Goaty … safe travels!!

On On


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