Run 1715

Run: 1715
Hare: Ferret
Location:  Miami
Date: 13th Sept., 2010

Ferrett’s birthday bash was not to be missed!!!!!

70 years young and still firing on all cylinders!!

Seems Ferret’s hash career start thank to Mrs Ferrett, Margaret had joined this runners club in Singapore in 1974 and our Ferrett was sitting at home for the first few months wondering what the heck Mrs Ferrett was up to that seemed soooooooooo enjoyable. Wasn’t long before a mixed night to invite spouses and partners alone happened and our Ferrett rocks along to his first hash run/meeting……….. well the rest is history!!!!

Ferrett has had an amazing time in hash over those 36 years and his 70th. birthday bash was not to be any different.

Seems Ferrett thought the celebrations through very carefully and got “outa town” on a cruise with the kids and grandkids for a fantastic family trip.

Now back in town it’s time for the hash run for “Bazza’s Birthday Bash” On On over the hill …. Walkers just head off till you get sick of it and head back this way!!!

ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES LATER our first exhausted runners stagger back to the start looking for a cold drink……… “never fear Ferrett’s here” birthday Crownies and German beers are on ice just waiting for the pack. First back are Blowfly, Shet and Flasher ( not lost this time)

A secret spread to put a royal banquet to shame is brewing further up the hill away from the freeby drinks ………. The pack adjourns to the hill and a clod spread fit for a birthday bash is revealed!!! WOW FERRETT how do you do it for the money (must be getting clues from Sir Prince)

8.35 pm….The FIRST circle of the night is a called and the FIRST cake of the night is lit to celebrate Ferrett’s 70th. Ferrett makes a heart rendering speech that takes a whole 32 seconds !!! Ferrett is getting the shits with Flasher’s insistence with the timing of things ……. Little does he know that Flasher has the Patty cake Patty cake gig all sorted.

*.50 pm … The SECOND circle of the night is called…………..

GM Flasher announces this week’s sponsor after the overwhelming success Bent Banana has experienced … seems he is off spending the profits from one week flying first class to distant places with bulging pockets ( well I think it was his pocket that was bulging) Sir Prince Valiant’s Naked Valet Service is named as this week’s sponsor ……… seems ironing SMALL things and darning socks are a specialty!!!!!!!

“ Leave your dirty hash gear here and get it back next week fully processed “ is the introductory offer from Valiant’s Valet according to GM Flasher.

The Hare is called to circle for comments on the run …… Too fucking long !!!! says Botcho

Josephine claims the motor bike ran out of fuel after an hour.. it was that long!!

Caustic claims to have worn out his new shoes …. It was that fucking long !!

Guess it was a long run ?????????

The nosh ………. Jigsaw loved the cake !!!!!!!!

Point Two was asked to score the nosh and said the 30 Cheerios and 30 eggs tasted great.

Point Two casts a very tough score of 8.3/10 ( Worth heaps more !!! on sec )

Blowfly gives a note.

FERRETT TAKE A SEAT …… it’s your birthday!!!

Crock calls for the walking frame !!!!!

Josephine says ….. might as well do a deal and get the shitting frame too.

Returning runners are called ……… Swollen ……… Been out in Goat Farka territory.

Latrine ……… Just got back from interhash … only took 3 months!!!!!

Circumference …….. been in FNQ , Thursday Island and out looking for the lost/stolen/abandoned IRONING BOARD.

Latrine presents a banner as a present for the GM from Interhash …. GM holds it up and the pack can read the first two thirds of it ……. Crocodile is to the rescue and elevates the GM to dizzy heights for him and the full banner is revealed.

VD gives a note and Latrine drops the DD in 1.2 seconds flat!!!!!!

GM calls for Blowfly to answer the secret letter quiz and Caustic claims MANY fudging members ???????? It backfires on Caustic ….. Who has no frigging idea of the letter. Blowfly does and announces “J” is this week’s letter.

Caustic gets a DD.

Blowfly gives him a note!!

GM checks that Ferrett is still awake!!!!!!!!

Latrine announces that on his travels he has had a need to have a “Penectomy” for some reason……… Most of us want MORE not less?????????

Jigsaw gets a “stiff arm” for random comments and NOT SINGING in circle, he proceeds to get 3 drops in the gob!!

Latrine invites our neighboring French tourists to join the circle and take a mandatory DD

POW Miscarriage…….

His contenders are

Rainbow …….. Sir Prince ………Sir Rabbit …….. Aussie …………..

But the stand out is “Latrine” ……… having had his Penectomy …. He obviously needed a prick, so he got one !!!!!!!!!!

Latrine goes straight to world record status ……….. He drops the POW half yard glass (full) in one gulp and 2 seconds flat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty Cake Patty Cake GM Flasher …….. calls for the pack to assist in making a birthday cake for Ferrett.

Sir Prince just happens to have the flour ……… Ferrett gets it all over the head ….. looking a bit greyer today. Rug has the two eggs ….. you guessed it they go on the head too.

Aussie has the strawberry jam ……. GM has the icing ( tube of), Caustic has the candles .

There you go, a HASH BIRTHDAY CAKE …… Ferrett get gets a hash birthday song and a peck on the cheek from our French female tourist.

Well done Ferrett ………. You sure did deliver !!!!!!!!!

Next week’s run ……… Elvis in dogshit park Labrador.

Swollen gives a joke about the state of his car altered by our indigenous friends.

Circle closed 9.30 PM.

Apology ….. Sorry the trash is soooooooo late this week guys your I have moved house ( WHAT A NIGHTMARE) and BEEN OFF THE AIR!!!

On On


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