Run 1725

Run: 1725
Hare: Blow fly & Sir Prince
Location: Bundall
Date: 22th November, 2010

Back of the council chambers …………. Not a bad place to start the run!!!
Not a bad place to put in the gourmet Asian kitchen complete with THREE woks and burners.
Well raise the bar all you like Pizza this dynamic duo are up to the challenge!!
Unfortunately you On Sec arrived late and missed the chat about the run …. However pulling up in the car park and looking across to see the THREE woks and burners to boot was almost ejaculation territory for any Kitchen Bitch.
Just in time for the last two dim sims I settled into a quiet beer and then all hell broke loose……….. Pizza has obviously been sampling his wine cellar (Caused by an impromptu visit by Nasty and Cumsmoke on the way to hash) “better have a father devine “ announces Pizza and a 375 ml glass of red follows .
The fantastic waft of Sir Prince’s Asian delicacy is in the air and the chat around the group has high expectation of the impeding nosh.
A Sir Prince gourmet extravaganza unfolds including the now famous “Banana Fritters”
It’s 9.08PM and Flasher calls CIRCLE
Blowfly is up as the hare.
Bent Banana give him 50% of 100% …. Set on a bike Hmmmmmmm
200 mtrs between arrows ,,,,,,, not a lot of checks, same country…..NOT A BAD TRAINING EXERCISE!!!
Average run!!! ( Guess Bent Banana was JUST impressed)
Guess that equates to 5/10 from a hard task master … clearly NO allowance for PMS (Post Marital Syndrome)
Icing is called for … but the GM relents to PMS.
GM Flasher announces “tonight will be a quite circle” (someone should have told Pizza)
No Sponsor tonight … He’s not here!!!!!
Custic jumps in with a stand in sponsor and offers Philippines hash shirts donated as an alternative.
Veteran is called on the yellow code number
No Fucking idea GM

O”O”O””O” calls the pack … but Veteran is gone!!!
Nasty gives a note “O”O””O”O”O”O”
Botcho (Deservedly) gets recognition for all the hard work on the photos… but no yellow card!!!
Nasty moves to curtail Pizza’s noise level!!!!!!!! ( only partially successful)
Nasty feels compelled to comment on the run …… Great run !!!
Miscarriage gives the noooooooooooooote.
The Chef de cuisine Sir Prince Valiant is up next.
Tidal Wave his assistant is called too.
Sir Prince announces that the day off for pre was the plan BUT 12.30 to 5 PM was all that was available ………. Brought my own GAS too !!!!

How do you do it for the money” echoes around the circle.
Sir prince offers his budget secret…… seems the Princess has saved him soooooooooo much money with the $3,000 Vanity and $1,000 mirror
He can afford a few extra bucks for Hash.
Then the truth comes out that the real saving is in Sir Prince’s eco gas energy saving policy.
Seems Sir Prince has saved an amazing $4.00 per month on his gas bill for a mere outlay of only $2,850 ……………… not bad Sir Prince……… your grand children MAY get to enjoy this saving.
Bung gives a (Very loud ) note.
International ….. Pricilla from North shore Auckland NZ
He was GM until last week and the scampered over to OZ!!!!!!!
Found GCHHH on the net!!!
Mumbles (welcome back ) gives a note.
Pizza is getting pissed and Nasty is failing miserably in his task.
Mario no shoes is back complete with shoes and the best pair of “Rule one” shorts.
R/A is up next.
Rain rain go away !!!!!!!!!
R/A calls for ICE . Hmmmmmmmmm
Miscarriage charges Pricilla on a tasteless commentary .
OLD FART , BUNG and SIR PRINCE are called to circle
Hmmmmm you’re all Gold Card holders right???
Do you want the ICE or use your cards ???
The Gold cards are handed in …….. Cumsmoke and Caustic share them between themselves( Subject to royal inquest)
Bung is invited back …….. NOW you have no gold card you’re charged
Poor Bung is on the ICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caustic gets a DD for being a Scot and bailing out the Irish debt
Pricilla gets it for the statistic of 85% of Kiwis liking sex in the shower ………. Seems 15% have not been to jail yet.
Sir AH gets numbers on the splinter lunch at Broadbeach 15 coming @ $10/head
Next week’s run …… Dumbshit at Tugun with a Thai restaurant meal
Now loved is into a new profession transporting clients to local houses of ill repute … got the BIG BUS so discounts apply!!

Circumference gives the circle …… hurry up!!!
Into circle Circumference gets a DD and more time.
Aussie gives the note.
POW Croc is missing ………….. on his “birthday BASH”
Moonbeams is missing … So Ferret calls “END OF CIRCLE”
It’s now 9.40pm and the pack has consumed a serious contender for N.O.T.Y.

On On


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