Run 1724

Run: 1724
Hare: Flatulence & Pizza
Location: Paradise Point
Date: 15th November, 2010

Sand fly alley at Paradise Point is the meeting place for run 1724.
Pizza has called for the Hash trailer and Flatulence is setting the run……. This should be a good night!!!!!

Dicky Knee the human insect feeding machine lingers to look after the kegs and the pack heads out into the summer balmy night.

Back for a nice cold beer and the smell of Pizza’s nosh brewing on the bar B Q.

It’s all looking like the expectations are being met in spades..
WRONG !!!!!!!!! Another Hash “Fuck up” is well and truly in the making.

“This Bar B Q is rooted” cries Pizza.

Shake the gas bottles Says Nasty !!! Hmmmmmmmmm No Gas !!!!!!
Pizza’s entrée is JUST cooked and the pack is lined up for the cross between Pizza filling, Mulligan stew and regurgitated kebab. Pizza’s secret recipe invented over a flagon or two of Pizza’s Plonk.

Sir Prince to the rescue !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ll use the council ones … it’s OK !!! Leave it to me!!!
“If you liked the entrée you will love the main” Spouts Pizza, who is now blaming everyone and thing he can for the complete debacle unfolding.

Flasher pops over the council cook off and quietly says “ Think we’re out of fucking beer” Nooooooo ! we just put a new keg on says KB ………. Hmmmmmmmmmmm better check the gas!! No Gas !!!!!!!!!!

Now here is the question ???????

Is it the similarity between Flatulence and “Gas”

Pizza and Gas ( hot air)

That has caused this leading contender for Hash Debacle of the year????

It’s now 8.50 and Flasher calls for circle before there is a Hash Mutiny of huge proportions.
Flatulence is up first as the run hare.

Croc gives the comments and remarks that Old Fart is still lost or at least still looking for his scout compass and guide to the stars.

Croc confesses to a brisk walk and finding the trail well marked.

Two Dogs did a spy reccy on bike Sunday and figured out the way home.
Miscarriage was scolded for total disregard of on backs and Two Dogs gives the note.

Pizza is up next for the nosh.

Feeling soooooooooo low GM ….. it was to be my return and earn me a spot on the hierarchy next year ……. “Now I have a fuck up and no chance of being GM”

Pizza claims sabotage from other GM contenders could be afoot!!!

Sir Prince complains bitterly that Pizza has set the bar so high for next week.

Moon beams strikes a note before Pizza gets the second verse of his eight verse excuses in. Shut the fuck up me me me me !!

Yellow code is next and Old Fart is the target…….. No frigging idea GM!!!
Despite numerous hints from the pack Missing Link and Old Fart get the DD.

Sir Rabbit gets the prize and Rug gives the note.

Circumference back from NZ with a knitted dick warmer for the GM.
Swollen back from overseas ( Stradbroke Island)

Arse Up …. Too busy for Hash.

Flatulence … Too busy watching videos.

Rug give the note.
R/A is next…………… He is also the POW

Bent Banana,Aussie and Point Two are all called into the circle.

Then a blinding flash hits the R/A and he awards the POW to Veteran who is not there via poor Croc ( or at least I think that’s what happened) Next week will reveal all!!!

Something about Cumsmoke’s beard comments.
( Has anybody every checked what is in those smokes he consumes ???? On Sec )

Croc gets 7/10 for the POW DD attempt …. A mid field runner.

Moonbeams returns from his private piss behind the Bar B Q .

A show of hands for the pub experience sees Aussie on the ice for a bit of R/A get square ……… don’t cross him is the clear message. Aussie is feet first into the ice bucket esky.

Miscarriage charges Sir Rabbit for the job too dangerous to handle so he called in the Hash safety expert to attend to the SAFE removal of the dangerous asbestos roofing .

SIR PRINCE ……… arrives trailer, plastic bag and tip fees in hand. Safety to the max and the hazardous material is off to the dump cleverly concealed under a load of garden refuse the pair had to work their guts out to arrange.

Miscarriage gives the note for Aussie, Sir Rabbit and Sir Prince.

Swollen tells the rope joke ( On Sec has forgotten already)

Pizza (translator required) tells about the Kiwi with gumboots, sheep and fence routine.

Swollen announces his wife is running in the London Marathon to raise money for the heart foundation………Nov 28 th Fun Run Fundraiser at Rosser park Benowa for $20 see Swollen.

Two Dogs ALMOST gets away without explaining the wrist in bandages ….. seems pissed he tried a bit of Kung Foo on a plank of pinewood and the wood won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s 9.16pm the gas has run out, the Ibis are into the left over Pizza delight and Moonbeams calls ………… END OF CIRCLE.
On On

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