Run 1731

Run: 1731
Hare: Blackstump
Location: Gilston
Date: 3rd January 2011
Due to the Hash Scribe abandoning his duties and forgetting to deputise an alternative Caustic volunteered (it will cost KB a beer or 2!) and duly rustled up pen and “scrap” paper from Blackie which upon investigation the next day were recycled genealogy Death Notices !!!

Thunderstorm clouds in the air greeted a motley pack of some 16 Hashers who resembled Michelin tyres after all the Xmas fare!

Promptly at 4:59 the pack assembled for the Hares briefing;
Blackie to most peoples incredulity informed us there was NO swim leg due to unsafe boating conditions and an abundance of snakes ! So it was in his words a short 4-5 kms stroll on road due to the oppressive humidity !
We will see was the packs consensus

A “sitting” Circle called at about 7pm
The Hare was called out and Misscarriage gave run report but was more interested in telling all about the beautiful “mature”housing estate he built and put his name to MisNerangville and he was most aggrieved to see the GCCC had taken ownership of his childrens playground equipment which he was forced to provide !

Anyway back to the run ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!

Nosh Report from Veteran was surprisingly enthusiastic for the tried and tested menu of spag bols and tart/ice cream ;seemingly Veteran had a poor upbringing and rated the Nosh 9/10 as he loves “spag bols” (Nosh committee will investigate whether a bribe was paid !)
Hash Cash commented that Black Stump provided the fare for just $76 and that this budget should be used by all upcoming Hares !!!

Note from Rug
Commisseration Notices
Sir Slabs apologies tabled due to his mothers passing away

Run Milestones
Old Fart making the 200 run mark and for the first time getting home for Nosh before 7pm ;made to take of his shirt for the “fitting” and indeed there was great concern that the dress size was understated ; note from Showpony

RA was called to circle and called for charges

Miscarriage called out Rockhard for refusing to allow Miscarriage to accompany him to Phuket as he was taking his WIFE !!! (This retirement is playing with his mind !)

Sir Prince was charged with having a dirty “shitter” which does not comply with Health Standards

Missing link was charged with incestuous carnal behaviour with a family member but this was not proven

All 3 got down downs anyway
Circumference is holding over the POW

On On

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