Run 1732

Run: 1732
Hare: Two Dogs
Location: Runaway Bay
Date: 10th January 2011

The Two Dogs kennel at Runaway Bay gathered the pack for a great run and a refreshing swim to follow.
Two Dogs standard nosh BarBQ’d steak sandwich and sweets to follow was well received as always.
8.20 PM Circle was called………..
GM Flasher opens with “A bloody good run”
R/A is scolded for rain intervention ………. He claims his knees are worn out from praying to no avail!!!
Seems R/A’s powers simply do not extend to cover the heaviest falls in history!!!
Miscarriage comments that it was a “great run” however he was lead astray by Botcho and Sis Slabb missing half of the run. Walkers trail was great too!!
Aussie gives the note.
Moonbeams issued a protest on the walkers comment for no reason!
Cumsmoke …….gives it the nod suggesting that Josephine take note ….. This is REAL meat!!
Josephine gives the note.
Finally the R/A gets caught………. A record “shortest” visit to the ice follows …. 1.35 seconds.
Aussie gets the real icing as R/A’s stand in.
Miscarriage suggests the Two Dogs erections are the biggest in Runaway Bay?????
Sir Prince’s new “slumlord” enterprise has a new venture …. wet tee shirt competitions with a leading contestant willing to set the bench mark ……. seems it started with gutter problems and a caring landlord started this venture.
Caustic charged Miscarriage with calling “On On” incorrectly …… Guilty as charged!!!!
Caustic gives the note
Show Pony protests …. No payment for his fantastic nosh… Flasher advises that his mummy was paid in full for HER effort.
Ferret gets iced for wrong calls and breaks the “shortest icing” record set earlier in the night ……1.12 seconds.
POW … Circumference reads out the terrorists rules ( Send a copy please)
Josephine gets the POW to hand out.
Hierarchy vote subs now $25 for Josephine.
AUSTRALIA DAY RUN …….. FUN FUN FUN …. don’t miss it !!!!!
Next week’s run ……… Croc and Rug somewhere close to this week’s run
Aussie ends up back on the ice for GM abuse!!!
Moonbeams will be away for the next few weeks …….. HAPPY HONEYMOON!!!
8.51PM …. Moonbeams calls “End of circle”
A pretty tough week for many …. hope all your loved ones are OK
On On

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