Run 1740

Run: 1740
Hare: Veteran
Location: Len Fox Park, Labrador
Date: 7th March, 2011

The Charis corner is a victim of the Gold Coast light rail and 12 months of road works rolled in for good measure ……. negotiating these obstacles would simply be too much for our aging Hash pack!!!
NEW VENUE …. Fox Park opposite the Latrine home for wayward backpackers.
Off onto a trail TOTALLY on chalk (Pavement) goes the pack of twenty one hashers just as the R/A’s divine powers fail totally…. pissing rain the hare announces “get going before it gets washed away “ On On >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Through the back blocks of down town Labrador ( seems that’s the sixth time I’ve written that this year. On sec) the pack trek the pavement looking for washed out white chalk and Old Fart stays on trail all the way. The pack gets back along with the SCB walkers about the same time……. Old Fart brings up the rear just in time to discover the R/A standing in for GM and the pack on for Guinness book of records “Earliest finish” …. Poor Old Fart gets the dregs of the curry and rice once again…. Caustic votes for a serving of nosh to held over for last runners before seconds are allowed ( Gets my vote. On sec).
7.50 PM …….. Circle is called …. stopwatch is started………. record attempt is underway.
HARE report.
Run .. Old Fart .. Thanks for starting without me !!!! Well marked !!!
Nosh …… Point Two … Very tasty!! What can I say … 5.5/10
Point Two gives a note.
Sir Prince
Sir Slab
Swollen Colon
Now Loved.
The group had been Nash Hashing and travelling far and wide.
VD hosted the gathering at the VD Mansion Tassie’s second castle.
Voted as an “Excellent host” by all.
Latrine stories of Taxi directions and Rock and Roll dancing continue to amuse the pack.
Sir Slab tells the story of “Vasso” old member off to lunch with the “New partner” an accomplished lap dancer of some repute it appears…. seems the lap dancing aroused old Vasso sooooooooo much they found a need to consummate their arousal in the executive suite in the local house of disrepute >>>>>>>>>
A forceful eviction of Vasso and bride ensued.
VD …… Commented on the Harriette’s flight back to Melbourne ……….Not one scoring over 3/10 seems VD is VERY happy to be a Hasher NOT a Harriette. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!
Sir Prince charged Sir Slab for fridge fukc ups at 3.30 am sending off the alarm ( Great to see the Sirs sticking together)
Swollen been to WA via Nullarbor Plains …… found the road very hilly and twisting it seems???????
Sir prince finished up with an excellent rendition of the Nash Hash Sunday Session ………
Vivid tales of the DD competition with Latrine into the finals topping off his entry with mounting the first spewer and the ultimate finally sculling the spew bucket in one hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
POW Circumference……………
Had two serious contenders.
1. R/A Cumsmoke with NO hash clobber.
2. Our member at AFL training at Centre point gym ….. seems our member had a low centre of gravity and collapsed off the medicine ball onto the floor cracking his skull and opening a flowing gash in his scalp………….. Swollen Colon gets the POW !!!!!! ( How can you do so much damage from such a low height ??? On Sec)
The R/A calls for the ICE ……….. KB and Caustic are on the ice for R/A abuse relating to his absolute and TOTAL failure to keep the rain off the run. A joint icing in the bucket follows.
Croc charges the hare for NOT ONE international marking on the run…… Veteran responded with his second controversial comment in two weeks ……… Call the bloody on backs you lot !!!!
Sir Prince gave a summary of the photographic course available at Gash Hash in (the map of) Tassie.
Swollen reported Mrs Swollen’s Thanks for support for her heart foundation fundraising quest.
Next event in this campaign ………. at Centrepoint Gym … ( A payoff to Swollen rather than a WPHS claim) See Swollen for details.
NEXT WEEK’S RUN … Pizza and Sir Rabbit ….. Chevron Island West side … Drink stop guaranteed….. (Put you bid in for the “secret drink stop location prize) It’s Snt Patrick’s day so wear your IRISH gear!!!!
Show Pony calls “END OF CIRCLE “””” A world record claim is submitted at 8.16 PM

Hashers are seen wandering aimlessly around the park muttering “what the F&%$ do we do now!!!!

On On


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