Run 1742

Hare: Elvis
Location: Keith Hunt Park, Labrador
Date:21st March, 2011

Yellow and green “Elvis shirts” only seven bucks …. a gotta have item in any Hash wardrobe.
After some confusion from the traditional early birds Veteran and Shat the pack finally found the venue at the club house for the famous “Gracelands Elvis run of 2011).
On On across the park and over the first water hazard the pack heads off into the darkness of a balmy Autumn night.

Dicky Knee and Sir AH are seen walking as a very close duo (Rule One ????) around the park and back for traditional guard duties and booze sampling.
A great run sees all the pack back close together gathered for a few cold beers happily supported by an esky full of ice cold crownies sponsored by birthday boys Sir Prince and KB. A very tasty nosh follows catered by the clubhouse ladies with a choice of 3 curry dishes with rice and two desserts. A spoil for any Hash group.

8.08 pm Circle in 2 minutes!!!!
CIRCLE … it’s time calls GM Flasher.

Caustic has exerted his powers over hash cash and the run fee is $5 and pay the meal at the counter for $10 it’s a bargain.

HARE ….. Elvis …3 T shirts left!!!!!

Run report… Rug … Very very good >>>>> Well marked too!!!

Veteran ….Well marked … a tad short!!! ( that’s enough of the short comments On sec) No On backs … No tree huggers!!
Old Fart ….. Came in 3 seconds behind GM !!!

NOSH report ….. Cumsmoke back for seconds and thirds having two left over desserts too.

Renamed “Mr Piggy” by the ladies behind the counter Cumsmoke gives the note.
The ladies get the DD for Piggy comments and the worlds slowest DD follows.

“ Why are we waiting, Why are we waiting !! “ follows with three verses.

YELLOW CODE ….. Bent Banana gets it in one “M”
Two dogs gives the note.

Botcho makes note of Pizza’s humble “Step down from GM contention” speech on u tube.

VISITORS …. Barnacle Bill.
R/A is up next.

POW … Pizza is in Melbourne …. R/A Cumsmoke is off to a great strart !!!!

Elvis gets charged for the creek crossing debacle. Josephine complains near life threatening experience in flooded creek.

Cumagen is charged for NO red wine in the booze bus and he steps forward to reveal the hair cut to beat all hair cuts … it appears the new office must be next to the year one hairdressing school.
After enormous protest Cumagen finally gets outvoted and takes the DD.

Flasher jumps in with both feet in mouth to ask the Pizza delivery guy who he is looking for … A minor Faux D Pas …. He’s one of us GM …. come from the pack!!

Barnacle Bill gets hit for talking on the phone in Hash and proceeds to the centre of the circle with a lime glow in his left pocket … Guilty as charged ……DD
Sir AH gives a note.

Barnacle Bill gets a second DD … Beer this time and drops it down in one hit.
Point Two report ……… Looking pretty good … waiting on a few more tests

Aussie gives a rendition of a “ Sad tale” of his mater in Melbourne a strong Blues supporter gets offered the last of 26 tickets available for the Gabba match.. Arranges flights accommodation and everything… then the last bit is the tickets ….. WRONG !!!!! NO TICKETS …. WHAT ????? Sorry seems Cumsmoke’s got em … So get F$#@%&!!!!
Fellow Hasher Two Dogs to the rescue with one of his and Aussie’s off the hook.

Cumsmoke goes for “without prejudice” insults and protests without success and Cumagen offers a note ( with pleasure GM)
Dicky Knee has Miss TZ footage going through legal screening with Leach and Leach at the moment … should be available shortly with all funds going to higher definition equipment.

Sir Prince Valiant and KB a called up for DD birthday treats and cake offerings.
GM Flasher calls for ideas for an alternative to the birthday cake.
Stripper was voted No1

SPLINTER LUNCH…. Somewhere in Broadbeach ????
Moonbeams love advise for the week ………. Not such a good idea to (Have to)share the bed with ex and suggest “One for old times sake” the carpet would be a better option.
Not to be outdone Moonbeams Marital services are introducing the new love ( Thentherat)to the EX this week in the view of world harmony…. stay tuned!!!!
8.38PM Dicky Knee calls “END OF CIRCLE”

PS 4 crownies left … disgraceful !!! Only one thing to do Sir Prince … 2 for me and 2 for you !!!

NOTE AGPU only weeks away … time to start sucking.
Some subtle GM election campaigns are becoming evident since Pizza pulled out of the race.

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