Run 1746

Run: 1746
Hare: Old Fart
Location: Pacific Pines
Date: 18th May 2011

Short run.
Short circle.
Short trash.

The R/A’s powers have certainly left town !!!!! Maybe he needs to bring out the papal gowns again???? Rain ,Rain and more rain. No matter what our hare did down came the rain again and washed poor ippsy out. Down town Pac Pines was a deluge but that’s not unusual as it turns out for an Old Fart run …. seems the stats are 7 out of the last 8 of Old Fart’s runs have been wetttttttt.
Off into the wilds the pack of 16 went, with the occasional waft of Old Fart’s signature dish of beef lasagne drifting into their nostrils the pouring rain was just a minor deterrent to be back to generous helpings of this now famous dish. Up the obstacle course driveway made for mountain goats and out under the back shelter den looking more like an outdoor version of the Sir Rabbit bar and grill the trusty hash stalwarts gathered for their first and second helpings to the man. Followed at great expense by real choc wedges the pack were suitably replete.

Sit down circle in 2 minutes rings out at 8.01 pm.

8.03pm on the dot circle is called…..

Missing Link and KB get the love seat in the rain and get the tag “dumb and dumber” or was it Forrest and Gump???
HARE …. Old Fart.

Run report … Sir Slab … “Did well under the circumstances “ (means average job)

Roog ….. GM I went oooop stream then I went dooown stream before I went ooooooop stream agennn.

Point Two gives a note.

Nosh report….. Sir Prince …. signature dish now GM … but NO SPUDS ???

Sir Rabbit ….. EXCELLENT GM !!!!!

Circumference ( The multi millionaire in waiting) gives the note.

NO SPONSOR tonight announces the GM

Seems Show Pony’s about to be released cook book “ Salty vegetables and other tasty delights” is a strong contender to sponsor with sales expected to astound.
YELLOW CODE ….. “P” for Pimp GM say Rooog

The prize … a signed original copy of Botcho’s first wedding dvd.

R/A …. Charges .
Josephine steps up and tells the tale of the Hashman who engages a contractor to do an erection for him. Seems the posts at the front of the property are quite large and should be no problem to erect a gate between them even if the grass is a bit long. Post are minute , grass is overgrown to blazes and the poor contracted gets attacked by the resident Urbanville yowie … in his haste to escape he clobbers the biggest tree in the district and writes off his ute ( Sounds like a Link driver to me)
Point Two … front and centre.

The story unfolds that the local copper is called and discovers that fatigue is the obvious cause as NO ONE in Urbanville has ever been pissed at the wheel. Andrew the local contractor is such a law abiding son in-law that it must have been fatigue.

Josephine who delivered the spare caravan to Ubanville (stuff the flood victims) to be refurbished for Urbanville’s first ever mobile knock shop gives the note.
Cumagen charges Two Dogs for the best ever Restaurant f#@% up of all times , NO phone , restaurant closed and Goat Farka has flown all the way from Cairns to catch up and NO ONE is there except Two Dogs on his own .. so he went home ????????? Must have been past his curfew!!!

Cumagen gives the note.

Cumagen tables the TSS review magazine where it is divulged where all the Hash member’s investment capital into a certain high profile listed company may have been spent…. seems Sir Prince’s conscience has got to him so he has donated an entire new wing of the school to the needy children and their destitute parents from the TSS boys college. Photos to prove this extravagance are available from the Southport CIB.

Botcho’s RTS (Run Trading Scheme) is explained in great detail by our resident Hash Flash and IT guru Botcho. Like a carbon trading schemes this scheme seems destined to fail getting through the senate. Like any senate they seem to see no reason to support the slack pricks that have not got enough runs. ( Special dispensation can be sort from the hierarchy for extenuation circumstances … expect no sympathy vote) R/A Cumsmoke brings up the question of GST and run taxes ( Typical f@#$%$#% lawyer)

Finally it is resolved this RST thing was founded on the wrong day (1/4/2011) and should be scrubbed as a foolish joke.The Hierarchy all agreed that Botcho got us all hook, line and sinker. We have long memories Botcho!!! LOL

Reminder to register for the AGPU on 6/6/2011.

Circumference announces he not able to attend …. However he will be expecting to make a substantial donation from the megabucks out of court settlement coming from his life threatening experience in the Robina run.

Two Dogs announces skype contact with Semen in the Philippines somewhere on his way round the world to who knows where …. said to say “hello Hashers”
Sir Slab ……Announces the splinter lunch will be at Burleigh Heads at Celsius restaurant on the royal wedding day … wear your top hat and tails.

Next week’s run (5PM start) Moonbeams(with chewtherat delicacies ) Robina common soccer club.

2 nd MAY GCHHH anniversary run with run milestone anniversary presentations.
Where ………KB’s Country Estate … 647 Trees Road Tallebudgera .. On a good day you can see Sydney harbour.

When …. Any time from 4.30pm (public holiday) Hash tradition of a beer before will be available for those that choose for a 5.15 pm start.
Dress …. Hash formal … with Jacket (It gets a bit cold at 13,000 ft )

Strong suggestions…
1. Car pool with a designated driver if you can.
2. Allow 35- 40 Minutes from Surfers.
3. Next week I will give directions for both the quickest or scenic routes.

END OF CIRCLE …. It’s 8.45 … so much for the short circle.
A great night well done Old Fart!!


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