Run 1747

Run 1747
Hare: Moonbeams
Location: Robina
Date: 25th April, 2011

Just shows what rumours of a great nosh can do to swell the numbers… the word was out…. Chew the rat was doing the cooking and it’s a public holiday.

After the run through the back blocks of ever nature reserve, easement and short cut in Robina the pack met up time and time again with the walkers ably assisted with directions by Nasty who has spent more time snooping around the back allies of Robina plotting hash runs than most locals.

On On back to the nosh area to some super cold Crownies compliments of GM Flasher for his birthday this week…. thanks Flasher!!!
Sir AH has the lighting sorted and it looks like a movie crew should arrive any minute.

“How many do you think Timothy??” Moonbeams asks Missing Link “Oh I think 20 will be it “ says Link … Wrong !!!!! 26 hungry hashers turn up … none as ravenous as Cumsmoke. KB …. help !!!! Portion control, Portion control!!!

F#%@ that means I’m going to miss out again… Oh well KB by name KB by nature I guess. “So where is the second pot of rice Moonbeams??? “ Huh!! What do you mean there should be plenty WRONG!!!! BUT it IS bloody delicious !!!! Two scoops of rice and a serving of sweet and sour along with Thai chicken curry and it’s down to the last scoop as the end of the line up pops into sight….. Made it with just Moonbeams, C T R and KB to share the last two spoons of rice and the tasty delights of C T R. Delicious … just not quite enough of it !!

Dessert ????????????? Ran out of time GM !!!!!!

CIRCLE in 5 Minutes!!!
Circle up you lot !!!!

Moonbeams and Chew the Rat.

RUN REPORT ….. Botcho … “not bad for half a run”

Mumbles …….. “Mmmmmholidaaaaay runnnnnnnnn mmmmm nottttt baaaaaaaaad”.

Croc ……. “Loved the walk 9/10 for me”

Circumference ….. “Plenty of boardwalks and not one loose board”

Cumsmoke …… “CENSORED” something about drive through on way home !!
The Pack……….. Where the f$#@’s dessert…. see above!!!

Sir Prince Valiant gives the note………….

Moonbeams introduces Chew the rat ( Boo for short) here on a six month visa which is almost up ….. Moonbeams not to be drawn on the marriage option!!!!
VISITORS …….. Pissy Fit ……Member of Border hash and thirsty Thursday
Rumour is we have picked him up in the draft !!!!!!!

Croc gives the note……

Returning runners are here in abundance.

Mumbles ……. Been away GM ( really ?????)

Elvis ………. 4th run this year

Nasty ……. Will be here right through to the AGPU GM (Got to get my 10 up !!)

Tidal Wave…… Working in PNG GM . seems the law of the gun is rife !!!!! (Yuk!)

Mumbles is called on for special comment about the threat to Hugh Hefner …. Mumbles has nothing for the press at this point.

Sir Slab gives the note.

R/A is up next.

Seems “Cockatoo” is the call of the night and our illustrious R/A has been out scouting the grab a granny bars with desperation keeping (more)into his selection process. G.U.E. is high on the list of priorities for Saturday night’s escapades. “Go ugly early” is fine but did it have to be THAT ugly?????
Seems once caught, this catch of Cumsmokes wasn’t going anywhere until it was tagged!!!!!! Close your eyes and hope no-one you know is watching … WRONG !!!!! Rumour has is the point score was 1.5/10.

Caustic … get out here on the Ice !!!!! ( The R/A is not mucking around)

While Caustic is on the ice for some unknown charge ……………. Sir Prince tells the story of Vile ringing at some ungodly hour to get a feeby for one of his ex wives …… Sir Prince says “How did you get my number?” ….. From my newest best friend Ferret, was the reply. Seems Ferret and Vile are going into business offering advice on company formation and migration matters tapping into the vast experience Vile has in these areas.

FINALLY …. it is revealed why Caustic Crusader is on the ice. Out poor R/A was sucked into having a night off from driving the drunks ( Caustic and Aussie) home from hash week after week. So being a public holiday slipped into a few late arvo ….. after getting to hash Caustic has got the sniff of a bottle of red and the next thing poor Cumsmoke is designated driver with a unanimous vote from the only member of the booze bus mob … Caustic !!!! A charge and icing fully justified!!!

Sir Prince gets charged with being a law breaker and “Low life” letting down the wonderful PR exercise of giving away other people’s money recently. Seems the bike helmet doesn’t look so cool on the beach picking up young spunks.

Sir Prince also sent the regards of Miscarriage who it appears was last seen at the Murwillumbah races with his twin brother…………

Now Loved charges the R/A with drunken phone calls at midnight looking for discount vouched for taxis to take the ugliest capture home to Ipswich.

Now loved gives a note.

POW …. Caustic Crusader nominates half the pack ( we were on an early night up till this point)

Mumbles …. too much sex ( just jealous)

Cumsmoke …. Too much G U E . Where’s dessert …. I’m F#@$%&# starving!!

Two Dogs …. Goat Farka in drag!!!

Missing Link ….. some trumped up charge about cocking up the run tally ( He’s too smart to do that ?????????????)
Botcho gets called to give evidence and out comes blatant rule one infringement…… “Timothy and I are good friends…. I couldn’t comment”
Circumference ….. Confirms a 50/50 split with Hash on his multi million dollar payout and gets off getting the POW.

Sir Rabbit …. Fancy not going to the splinter lunch just coz your daughter in having a child that day.
Croc …. skipped over as Caustic gets distracted further on.
Old Fart ….. Loitering on wave break Island with intent. Not coming to anniversary run just coz he is Qld supervisor of the scouts gang show.
Moonbeams ….. poor run … not enough tucker.

Back to Missing Link who spits the dummy … claiming hierarchy privilege.
CAUSTIC IS DESPERATE …. He really doesn’t have a contender after all this bullshit….. put your hand up if you want !!!!!! As if !!!
NASTY…… your POW for no reason other than you said you will be here next week.

Nasty drops the POW DD in one hit.

R/A gets brave ( Or stupid ) at this point and calls the GM into circle ………..
Moonbeams you better come in too ……… Happy birthday guys !!! Both on the same day too.

Circumference gives the birthday note.

YELLOW CODE …… Nasty says Eh!!! Eh !!!! or was that “A”

Sir Rabbit hands the Splinter lunch report over to Sir Slab who says it will be a
“ Royal affair” at Celsius restaurant Burleigh Heads on the corner of Connor St and Park Rd.
Cumagen finally reveals why our R/A has been particularly obnoxious tonight…. seems his cigarettes had mysteriously been mislaid in the booze box for the last 3 hours.
7.28PM Moonbeams calls “End of circle”

Anniversary dinner run at KB’s Country Estate.
647 Trees Road Tallebudgera (0419 739233)
Dress code … Hash formal ( Bring a jacket … formal of course)
Arrive any time after 4.15PM is fine ….Sundowner beers will be served for those who choose.
Run Starts 5.15pm
Car pool if you can and allow 30-40 minutes from Surfers.

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