Run 1768

Run: 1768
Date: Monday 19th September 2011
Hare: Cumagen
Venue: The Observatory
Runners: 28 + 1

Weeks to AGPU: 38
What a difference a couple of weeks can make in Hash! A great venue, some hills, bush, great tucker and a great run, mixed with nearly summer like conditions.
It started a bit suspect though, Josephine’s high tech sat nav did not want to comply, or knew better, as it continually tried sending us any where but to the heights of the observatory.
Maybe it was there on a past run of many moons ago, freezing, windy, raining and a surplus of bush and hills. Times have changed with conditions much better, many more houses and bike paths but just as many hills.

We finally arrived with little thanks to “sulking Sally sat nav” to find Latrine had made yet another guest appearance and was deep in meditation, no doubt readying himself for the punishing run to come. Sir Prince even had to borrow the Princess’s V8 Merc to make it all the way to the run and get up the hills to the start.

Being on top of the hill the inevitable downhill leg started with a check and on back soon encountered followed by another up hill leg. Hard to put much into the description as similar to many of Sir Slab’s runs at Robina, one just seems to wonder back and forth with absolutely no idea where they are. Lots of bush, lots of bike paths, and of course lots of hills, though not the Blackstump “goes forever type”, just short and sharp.

Checks and arrows abounded as we continued through the night. It was hard to imagine how anyone could stray off such a well set course, however we always have serial offender, Flasher, in tow. He of the Hobbit build just has to go where no one else has gone before and runs right past double left “hard on” arrows and then has the audacity to yell out “are you on” as the rest of the pack easily follows the well set trail.

I would suggest that each week commences with an automatic icing of Flasher who would have, with very little doubt, somehow have missed the trail.
Back at base camp, and I do mean base camp, at some several thousand meters above the rest of the Gold Coast, the pack regroups to the free beers presented by birthday boys, Botulism and Sir Rabbit, as Latrine disappears, yet again into the night on his trusty tredly.

And speaking of tredlies much of the circle is spent on dishing out misdemeanours to those on the weekend 100km mountain bike ride down the Brisbane Valley, including numerous accidents and Flasher for trying the equivalent of rowing a bathtub around Cape Horn!
By the way, the nosh was a fine feast of de-boned chicken and speciality sauce with rice an veggies followed by raspberry tart and ice cream (I think), with many suggesting outsourcing via Mrs Cumagain.

The run was given a resounding 9/10 by both Caustic and Arse Up whilst Sir Rabbit gave the food great marks providing they were one less than his score of a few weeks ago meaning a paltry 6.5/10, it deserved better.

However it does make the race for the “run of the year score” very interesting. However Crocodile did complain about the walk saying they had to do it several times as they kept ending up at home.
Down Downs:
Ringbark, Blackstump, Caustic (proxy for Latrine): Returning runners

Cumagain: Hare

Sir Prince: Hat in circle

Sir Prince: Prang at Esk on weekend trying to take out Hierarchy member (yours truly)

Missing Link: Prang at weekend

Flasher: Trying impossible feat on crap $89 Target bike

Crocodile: Prang on weekend, forgot to take foot of peddle

Sir Rabbit & Botulism; Birthday boys, thanks for the beers

Ferret: Assisting in updating records but writing Rainbow’s birthday as 31st February

Crocodile: Frivolous attempt at charging Sir Slab for affecting his golf game due to rigorous weekend

Caustic (alias/proxy for Latrine): & Missing Link: Not knowing location of “Mystery Foot”

Caustic (proxy for Latrine) & Rabbit (proxy for Caustic): being delinquents

Sir Slab was also presented with a rail spike from the rail trail for his efforts on the weekend

2. 3rd October, October fest run by Bent Banana, wear appropriate attire
3. 26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners, get your frocks out
On On from “The Desk”
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