Run 1767

Run: 1767
Date: Monday 12th September 2011
Hare: Rectum
Venue: The Spit Main Beach
Runners: 34 + 1

Weeks to AGPU: 39
I keep saying this, but somehow another debacle was just avoided as Rectum stepped up to the plate to cover for Blowfly who had come up with some feeble excuse to avoid setting a run. How could the impending birth of your child be more important that Monday night at Hash?

It’s nearly as bad as staying away to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Anyhow the problems were just beginning as Rectum thought he had the quick fix sorted by negotiating with the local fish & chip shop for a bargain feed for 30+ athletes. However upon confirming at a later time, he found the person he had done the deal with was not there and no one knew of the event nor would they do the feed at the alleged price. After some nervous moments and smooth talking Rectum had saved his, well rectum, from an inevitable icing.

As we were on strict time limits we were quickly set on our way into very familiar grounds, it was just a mater of up the Spit to upset those that dwell amongst the bushes or down to Main beach to upset the local pimps and pros. Being told it was a seafood dinner we wondered whether the great Hierarchy had exceeded expectations and booked the Versace for dinner?

Or maybe at Saks, no onwards, possibly a seafood feast and open bar at Omeros brothers or Glass? We continued past these reputable venues and ran towards Fisherman’s Wharf, to start a fight some suggested. However upon sending in Cumsmoke as our decoy we discovered the on back and continued south to the Yacht Club.

Would I have to use my members card to get the rabble in for drinks at the bar? No onwards where the pack became confused and spread in all directions. Latrine, making a guest appearance, headed off to the south and soon returned sighting the on back. However he missed the on trail to the right and more confusion reigned. Fortunately, as often happens, the trail was rediscovered and we continued through the back streets emerging at the Surf Club for the run north along the beach path.

The actual trail headed down the beach but only a select few took the opportunity for the picturesque run alongside a moonlit ocean. Back on the path, and dangerously close to home, most of the pack turned left at the Mirage and headed for home. The remainder headed north to the Seaworld car park before turning back. A good run considering the difficult conditions.

The feed as expected was not as lavish as the Versace but at least next door (“pity the poor bloke paying $400 for the night listening to this lot”, Nasty commented), and the fish and chip feast was more than ample followed by ice cream on bread (as many had it).

Looking like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s,” The Birds” we sat surrounded by the marauding seagulls ready to pounce on any discarded morsels or in fact any discarded Hasher.
AH was called for the nosh report and stated it could have been wrapped in newspaper and gave a 4/10 but this was upped to 5 upon appearance of the ice cream. Slab gave the run report saying it was well set and gave it a 5. A great effort at short notice, well done Rectum.
Down Downs:
Prawn Star & Rainbow; Returning runners
John; Now named “Swindler” having worked or I“CON” Energy

Walkers were again called to notice by the RA and asked for their notes as to why they were walking. Crocodile quickly handed over a $20 and was excused, AH handed over his bank balance statement and was excused leaving Swindler and Kwakka to cop the down down

Mumbles; Not knowing left from right when asked to monitor the left handed drinkers

Crocodile & Missing Link; Drinking from wrong hand

Pizza & Cumsmoke; Double handed down downs for numerous charges as stated by Caustic including statements referring to the gay Hash, and I don’t mean happy Hash
Caustic; And iced for being a stool pigeon and laying charges in the first place

Nasty; As charged by rainbow for arriving at airport in Melbourne for flight but on the wrong day

Moonbeams; Trying to charge someone but backfired as he admitted to taking afternoon nap on a Monday

Lyn; Bilge Pumps missus showed up and partaking in a down down on Bilge’s behalf

Rectum; Hare
Cumsmoke; POW by Flasher for Gay aspirations. Footnote; With Caustic still on the ice it brought back memories of the past Hierarchy as all three exchanged abuses


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