Run 1769

Run: 1769
Date: Monday 25th September
Hare: Pizza, Shat, Sir Prince, KB
Venue: Racecourse Dr Benowa
Runners: Lots 38 I think

Weeks to AGPU: 37

As we rolled up to the venue for Run 1769 the first impression was, “Fuck! How come so many have turned up for one of Pizza’s runs??” Obviously the word had gotten out that the nosh had been outsourced to Sir Prince and KB, and the run had been outsourced to no other than out illustrious Grand Master, Shat. So given that it doesn’t get much better than
that, the real question should have been,

“Do we really need Pizza here at all?”

Of course the other reason for the big rollup could have been that word was out that this was the launch of the new Hash Trailer. And Wow, what a Trailer! Grey Nomads eat ya heart out!

With clear instructions before the run that we must get to Upton St for a drink stop (Yeah right!), the pack set off in a Northerly direction along Racecourse Drive. Once over the bridge the trail turned left and mostly followed the concrete paths that run along the back of Poinciana and Bamboo Ave’s, continuing around to Benowa Rd, down St Kevins Ave, through Sir Bruce Small Park, up past the Benowa Tavern, and then onto Ashmore Rd.

It was a tough decision to cross Racecourse Dr (being the obvious way home) with the slim hope that just maybe there really was a drink stop to be found in Upton St. Then, lo and behold, like a mirage across the desert, there was the Pizza Mobile with the customary keg set up on the tail gate. (So, maybe he does have a use after all?).

After a couple of quick beers, or some orange stuff that may or may not have been punch, Pizza invited us next door to meet some of his sisters. (Starting to think he definitely has a use!) After the introductions and a left shoe draw we were quickly back on the streets with a further 1.6km to Home.

Overall distance on the Josephinometer was 7.134 Km’s.

Down Downs:

Sir Slab and Botcho: For their work in delivering the new trailer. Well done!!!

Sir Prince & KB: Providing the nights Nosh. Of course it was bloody excellent as we would expect from these two.

Veteran: Award winner and wearing pink shoes.

Visitors: Mud Mixer, Short Circuit and Little Dog.

Returning Runners: Swollen and Shetland Pony,

Aussie, KB, Flasher, Caustic, (and others?): Not knowing the location of the foot in the Hash Words

Rock Hard: For knowing the location of the foot in the Hash words.

Caustic: For helping a damsel in distress on the run, then offering to come back the next day for a further consultation

Ferret: Not singing the Down Down song with enough gusto.

Cumsmoke : Pink Shoes

Cumsmoke: Iced for not returning the POW

Other Business

Little Dog addressed the circle to offer his sincere thanks for the donations made to the orphanage in Cambodia. Well done to everyone!

The four Sirs were called on by the RA to help bless the new trailer.

Shetland received another down down for fucking off for good and not telling us.

And finally, Sir Rabbit (in the absence of Moonbeams) was called on to end the Circle.

On On.

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