Run 1771

Run: 1771
Date: Monday 10rd October 2011
Hare: Rock Hard
Venue: Mudgeeraba
Runners: 29

Weeks to AGPU: 35
We passed Hungry Jacks on the way to the venue and wondered whether this would be tonight’s dining extravaganza, given the debacle which ensured following
Rock Hard’s previous run. However the Hash being a forgiving lot still turned out in good numbers hoping for better than KFC vouchers, and something more like crabs and lobsters.
After the hare’s instructions saying it was all on chalk, the pack headed off into the west along the busy main drag. Before long, however, Rock Hard had us off the main road and into the back streets and then into the depths of beyond along the nice bike paths through the lush surrounds.

The windy trail provided a short cutters paradise as following runners could spot the torches of the lead hounds and soon cut across and catch the pack, another novel way of keeping the pack together.

Swollen lead the pack for much of the first part and he soon lead us down a dodgy path to a dead end deck where the ever increasing numbers kept running and calling those behind. It was in fact the on back of all on backs with virtually the whole pack caught out.

Fortunately Veteran was not in attendance as he would have been horrified by such a callous act, what is this Hash coming to?

The paths eventually lead us to the bridge near Hardy’s road where we feared we might head up into the big back hills. Fortunately the trail continued on the eastern side of the creek as another good number of the pack got caught out at the on back at the top of the hill. Latrine had found us on his pushy and emerged from the shadows, yet again for another of his now becoming common guest appearances.

I’m sure he now hangs out in phone boxes leaping out in his Hash attire at any opportune moment. Inevitably we eventually ran along the pipe line and emerged at more back streets where the runners and walkers were sent on their separate ways.

I noted we ran down Moonbeams Parade but he was no where to be seen, another Hasher on tour. The final run leg saw us emerge near nude follies park to the sight of the full moon (thoughtfully signed by the Hare to look up at the right moment) and then past the cemetery, or the dead end of town.

The front runners, Rectum, Cumagain and Botulism were busy trying to increase their forthcoming V8 race handicaps. After some 55 minutes the runners and walkers arrived together on what was an excellent run in good territory and well marked.

The run report by Rectum was a glowing report of a good run with lots of checks and arrows but still gave it a hard mark of 6/10, but by applying the GM’s maths equation this was upped to 7/10. Rainbow also commented on it being a good stroll.

The nosh (Chilli beef and rice plus ice cream for dessert) report started with Botcho, then to Pile Driver who commented on still being hungry, Cumsmoke saying it was shit, KB complaining about the minuscule portion control and finally by Rabbit who gave it a worthy 6/10. A good all round effort with redemption on the horizon!
Down Downs:

Sir Cumference & Prawn Star; Returning runners

Rock Hard; Hare

Rainbow; Flatulence event on run, in front of GM

Rectum; First non Hierarchy present at major on back event

Cumagain; Putting plastic plate on BBQ

Rock Hard; Organising to pick up fellow Hashers for lift but then forgetting to do so

Nasty & Show Pony; For not knowing whereabouts of foot

AH; Knowing whereabouts of foot

Cumsmoke and Caustic; As charged by Botulism for them being on Mixed hash Hierarchy and then complaining about Men’s hash

Cumsmoke; For wearing new gay purple shoes

Rectum; Birthday boy form last week and aborted sky diving effort

Pile Driver; POW from caustic for complaining about being still hungry (fill him up with beer he figured)

– 17th October Gold Coast 600, V8 Super Car annual handicap challenge

– 26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners, get your frocks out

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