Run 1772

Run: 1772
Date: Monday 17rd October 2011
Hare: Hierarchy
Venue: Main Beach, Annual Gold Coast 600 V8 Handicap Event
Runners: 19

Weeks to AGPU: 34
The RA phoned me whilst on my way to mark out the track for the annual V8 Supercar Handicap event. The weather was the best we’ve seen all year, the handicaps were set, the late bribes accepted, what could go wrong? Anyway the RA continued that he had few jobs to do on the coast so he was off to his mountain temple to engage in some meditation and prepare to fend off potentially troublesome neighbouring invaders.
What he forgot to mention, or forgot to organise, was the weather gods were still in need of control. His sudden departure soon left the Coast encompassed in torrential rainfall and blistering winds, what a difference 24 hours can make.

Regardless of the deteriorating conditions a good pack of 19 runners still showed up, despite a good portion of the pack being away in Thailand engaged in riding recent flood waters. KB showed up early with a financial offering for the handicapper which quickly saw Aussie lose 2 minutes. A few battled the traffic conditions and arrived late, including visitor Jonathan (wearing his racing Doc Martins), who was apparently sent by his father who told him he’d have a really fun night.

There he was all alone with no one to run with and I said”do you know your way around here”, to which he confirmed he did and I said to follow the track head back to Main Beach then run back to here, and don’t forget to have fun doing it on your own.

I don’t know how many times we’ve run around these parts but it still amazes me how so many people can get it wrong. Cumsmoke got as far as the bridge near the Marriott before returning the same way, Sir Rabbit got hopelessly lost somewhere near where the track finished to the north, Black Stump did his own run up the spit and back and god knows what else went on. I guess there’s always next year.

Anyway the pack still managed to finish in close proximity except our visitor who managed somehow to return in the same direction he went out and some 10 minutes later that the rest, but he did say he’d had a good time!

The winner was Botcho who now holds the title 3 times, second was Swollen, followed by Rectum, who complained bitterly about the handicapping but being a Pom know one cared and anyway there are ways to get your handicap adjusted, just speak to KB.

Crocodile came in as the first (and only) walker. The next dilemma was the fact that the electric BBQ’s had been shut down and the power diverted to some work site office being used in conjunction with the race. Again KG did some research and found working BBQ’s near the surf club where the hungry pack relocated to.

Stand in GM, Two Dogs announced the winners and presented the much sought after sponsored prizes with Blackstump adding his own flare by providing winners ribbons for first and second place.
The stand in RA, Botulism asked for comments about the run and nosh, coincidently from fellow Hierarchy members, who all overwhelmingly and of course without bias gave both the run and nosh a 10 out of 10. On that subject the catering department should get a big wrap for their efforts with KB helping to find the new location, cooked and provided the “A” grade eggs, Blacky provide the salad and top notch dessert of strawberries and ice cream and of course Botcho organised the gourmet burgers and did much of the cooking, with Swollen also helping out and apologies to anyone else I forgot.

As the night ended with pack huddled under a 4m x 4m shelter with 30 knot southerly winds and horizontal rain, I thought nothing stops the Hash from having a good Monday night out, On On and thanks to all for participating.
  Gold Coast Hash V8 Handicap Results

Down Downs:
Botulism, Swollen, Rectum & Crocodile; Podium place getters

“Perkele” & Mother Brown; Visitors

Botcho; Self imposed, for wearing his new shoes

Rectum; Winging about handicaps (bring folding stuff next time)

– 26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners, get your frocks out

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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