Run 1779

Run: 1779
Date: Monday 5th December 2011
Hare: Sir Slab & Sir Prince Valiant
Venue: Robina Cricket Oval
Runners: 24

Weeks to AGPU: 27
The skies looked ominous and the summer warmth was replaced by a somewhat winter chill, however a good pack of 24 eager runners still showed to what is normally a premium evening event. With the RA working overtime keeping the rains at bay a number of the runners hurriedly offered their services in staying back to help Sir Prince prepare the evening’s feast, thus doubting the RA’s ability.
Caustic lead the pack off dressed in his fluoro orange work wear obviously just coming off a council work site somewhere. We ran across the road in the usual direction but it was not long before looped back towards the start. Over the road and north towards somewhat unfamiliar grounds.

It was only just into the run but serial offender, Flasher, already decided to run past the arrows (wasn’t even a check or on back), and merrily ran his own run, as he does and once again showing a total disregard for the Hare. When are we going to ice this guy!

We emerged from under the bridge again close to home, maybe too close for some, as we then headed west towards the distant Skilled Park. Around the back of the houses through some soft ground and we finally emerged at the Titan’s home ground.

We continued around the stadium and back into more shiggy and soft tracks. I managed to front run and find the distant On Back and decided it was a good time to stop for a leak, however, before doing so I forgot to tell Veteran it was an On Back, much to his disgust.

Slab, following on his bike, managed to keep the diminishing pack on trail, which continued further around the stadium and, south under the road and around the school before emerging near the Robina Town Centre.
It was then through the station and towards the familiar, or so we thought, track home. We managed to run a number of false trails before finding the right trail and the good run home.
Back at home base we found the number of volunteer cooks had swelled with KB, Aussie, Ferret and Botcho all in the mix assisting resident Master Chef, Sir Prince.
We also noted that our tables had been moved due to the arrival of the cricket club members for their meetings. How dare the cricket club invade our privacy holding a meeting at their club house during cricket season! However a few free feeds to several hovering cricket club members ensured we were welcome to stay.

The fine nosh consisted of soup, sweat & sour pork stir fry followed by lychees (cleaning out the local Asian supermarket at exorbitant expense to the Hash) and ice cream. jigsaw gave the nosh a deserved 8.5/10 stating “it doesn’t get any better that this”.

Bent Banana gave the run report an equal mark of 8.5/10 adding it was a good run and well marked. VD gave the walk trail the same accolades.
Of note too was the return of the King, Elvis, seen handing out dodgy T-shirts with hash spelt “Hasn”. Returning runner, BB, from the wilds of Laos gave a sales pitch on his magic pills worthy of the real Peter Foster, not the GM one. As always a great night again by the Sir’s.

Down Downs;
Sir Slab & Sir Prince; Hares
BB & Elvis; Returning runners
Botcho; Allegedly “seeing things” at post Splinter Hash entertainment
Sir Prince; Finding suspect venue following Splinter Hash
Ferret; Being first to enter above mentioned suspect venue
Flasher; Serial offender, doing own run yet again
Caustic; Noted riding home on Hare’s bike
Rug; Last to pay,again
Ferret; Charged by Cumsmoke for excessive “back seat driving” following Splinter Hash
Rug; For forgetting to bring POW, too well hidden and can’t remember where


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