Splinter Lunch Friday 2nd December, 2011

Date:2 December 2011
Venue:Chinese Restaurant in Benowa
Host: Made Mike

Mr. Nice Guy Mad Mike hosted today’s event and because the Hash group has not seen him for a considerable time, decided to support the luncheon just to catch up with this old back slider. After persistent preaching from the saved, Mike has seen the light of his backward ways and will now be back with the converted and running with us again. Hallelujah!

22 turned up including a couple of visitors; Vaso and Ring Bark popular hounds from Brisbane. It started off well for one waitress who returned to the table with $5 change for one of our more senior members and as he could not remember handing over $10 for a beer, she scored a reasonable tip. Unfortunately for her it was later reclaimed.

The food was delicious and there was ample, particularly for those who requested a top up dish and used a spoon. Chop sticks are great; but hey the going is slow. A variety of red and whites flowed during the afternoon
with generous hounds eagerly swapping or giving away a “sample” of their particular tipple.

Compared with Cum Smoke, who looked like a piece of shit and should have gone home and changed for the event, Pizza looked like a Pierre Cardin model in his Splinter attire.

At the close The Phantom kindly invited all around to his house for a roadie but somehow the location was changed to the nearby Bowls Club where it was reported that there were topless barmaids.

By motor, bicycles led by Shat and by foot most of the group found their way there but only to behold a couple of seasoned mature bowlers hanging on to the bar.

One patron stated that if you wanted topless you had to go to the nearby Benowa Tavern. So off we went. However after about 100 m. towards the Tavern the cry of “Tits”, “Tits” came from somebody who look a lot like xxxxxt and so we all entered the notorious Demons AFL club next door.

It wasn’t just tits, but pussy as well. We apparently entered as the afternoon floor shows were to commence. With a couple of stunning lookers doing all sorts of gymnastics to entertain the younger members, the older hashers had a few quiet ales in the corner away from all the frivolity.

And so ended another great day out with the Gold Coast Hashers Splinter group.

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