Run 1785

Run 1785
Date: Monday 16th Jan. 2012
Hare: Truck Tyres
Venue: Pizzey Park, Miami
Runners: 19

Weeks to AGPU: 21

 A small pack assembled at the designated start point, spur of pacific av. Miami. Conditions were bleak, overcast and threatening rain, half the pack in raincoats.

 The Hare Truck Tyre’s instructions were quite clear, but not the markings of chalk, flour, paper and would probably get washed out. The runners set of to Pacific Av. on trail, left into Oceanic Dr. and on to Pizzey Dr. at this point rain, rain and more rain, markings holding up but only just, a left turn into Pizzey Park Sporting Complex and on through some pretty good running hash territory, ably lead by FRB’S Miscarriage and new runner Favio (aka James).

The pack confused at this point due to return markings, suddenly realized we have short cutted a big portion of the run so far. Half the pack decided enough of the wet weather and headed home on the return markings, Which left Miscarriage, Fabio ( aka James) Bent Banana and Veteran to make a decent run of it, all be it a wet run. Not on trail to Bardon Av.

The now small pack headed past the Gold Coast Burleigh Heads Golf Club, through some back streets on through the East side of Pizzey Park and on on home.

Back at the car park the now wet pack had vanished like water rats to the on on venue the Junior Rugby League Club. Unbeknown to the Hare were having there AGM. However, ignoring that we were undercover with lights on one section of the there deck, I think they thought we were part of the club.

The Hare went missing for some time, it was thought he may have done a runner, but not so, on returning we were greeted with a meal best described as left over xmas lunch. Starters corn chips salsa dip. Main. Ham, Salad and tomato onion dish’s. Desert. Trifle, Jelly and Peach’s. The good part of this unusual menu there was plenty of it.

 Circle was called approx. 8.30pm G.M. Shat called upon Caustic to critic the run. In his exact words ‘ I managed to stay dry’ Caustic must have been running with an umbrella ‘ ‘good run under the circumstances’ gave it a 7.75

 G.M. Shat called Cumsmoke to critic the food. I could see where this was going was not disappointed. Slammed the salad, liked the Desert. score 2

 Stand in RA Miscarriage called out Cumsmoke for DD overheard saying Blackie was full of sh*t terrible thing to say. Other DD’S for misdemeanors. Pizza, Flasher, Fabio( aka James) Bigamist and Caustic

 Visitors. DD’S Bigamist, Little Dogs and Fabio ( aka James)

A good wet Hash nite was had by all, well done Truck Tyres

 On On Veteran

Don’t forget Botcho’s Splinter Hash Golf Day From his place Friday 27th Jan. Golf commencing at 9:00 am Pre lunch drinks 11:30 and lunch from 12:00. Please let Botcho know if your coming to Golf and or lunch only. He needs to know numbers.  Special Guest “Wishful Thinking” will be attending


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