Brave Heart Needs help

hello Hashers
As you know I took it upon myself to regalle myself in Scottish resplendent attire including the battle face blue “woad”

I ran out of time today and had to stop at Bunnings and grabbed a small can of blue paint which the attendant assured me was for face painting;I have just returned home after a quick pit stop at the Pizza ‘Hut” and tried to remove the “face paint”

It didnt “remove “!!

After reading the can it was for painting “FACE BRICKS” !!!

Has anybody got any ideas how to remove without reverting to Hannibal Lectern tactics ??

I have tried soap,white spirit ,mild caustic soda,and paraffin swab !!

No good !!

Meeting with my bankers in the morning to try and get an extension to my default mortgage and would appreciate an early call;the earlier the better !!



12 thoughts on “Brave Heart Needs help

  1. Caustic

    Hello Hashers
    firstly I must thank all those who responded in my hour of need with suggestions as to how I could remove the “blue paint’;some of them gave some improvement however the facial patchwork effect of blue ,pink and white is ressembling the Union Jack with the 3 rd degree facial burns ,sandpaper abrasions and “puss” ulcerations.(is this going to be my first face peel??)

    On the bright side the meeting with the bank manager went well (in the circumstances! ) and he was most impressed that I had taken a 2nd job working as a painter to improve my cashflows! Indeed he offered me the opportunity of painting his house !! Is anyone interested in quoting and ill put my developer margin on top and we’ll submit it ??
    I’m wondering Aussie if I could put a claim in on my New contents Insurance and Loss of Earnings policy ?/
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  2. Vaso

    U blokes at GCH3 have no idea
    Answer simple
    Paint over Blue paint with black paint
    Then apply to Government for the loan
    it will be granted in nanoseconds
    AND u prob never have to pay it back
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  3. Sir Slab

    My wife says you need “Gumption.” It actually works!!
    I looked it up and it means: “practical common sense.”

  4. Crocodile

    Hey Caustic
    Try The Bank Of Scotland for a loan. I understand that they are very sympathetic to TRUE BLUE believers.
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  5. Moonbeams

    All of those suggested remedies appear too difficult.

    My suggestion: wallpaper over it.

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  6. Shat

    No sweat – just tell the banker guy it’s your thing. Some people have tattoos, you like blue paint. Anyway, you looked pretty cool, better than your normal self.
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  7. Truck Tyres

    a) metho,
    b) turps,
    c) thinners,
    d) a tube of lanolin cream.
    Read instructions on the can …………. a) is for water based, b) is for oil based, c) is for solvent based d) is for retro damage repair!

  8. Miscarriage

    You stupid prick. Hope you all enjoyed the haggis and the special filling.

    I ran with Perth HHH tonight and we were well represented with me and Rockhard leading the pack as usual.

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  9. KB

    I suggest skin graft!!!!
    Paint stripper ( not female)

    Mineral turps ( Don’t drink)

    Sharp razor

    Sand paper

    Blow torch (not job)

    Pressure washer

    Stick your head in the freezer till it goes brittle and then flake it off ( old chewing gum remedy)

    Ring Martha Gardiner

    Come on Caustic you’re the industrial chemical engineer, why does it take us plebs to think of these simple remedies.


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