Run 1788

Run: 1788
Date: Monday 6th February 2012
Venue: Old Burleigh Town
Runners: 29

Weeks to AGPU: 18
Sir Rabbit was suffering his usual logistic nightmares when it’s his turn to drive, car arriving home late, car has no petrol, other car only three seats and no air con. Consequently we were under pressure from the start.

However all looked good as we hit the highway figuring we’d timed it perfectly. Alas the Gold Coast highway system collapsed yet again with a prang at Palm Beach now backing up traffic to Robina.
We ducked off to Reedy Creek Road figuring still plenty of time. Alas again we didn’t figure on the well synchronised traffic light system on the Gold Coast, there is none, as we spent the next 15 minutes waiting for several changes of lights just to get nowhere.

Fortunately the (presumably) Argentinian lass on the red scooter distracted us from our angst. “Don’t worry”, said Sir Rabbit, “they’ll hold the pack till we arrive”. “No they won’t, low care factor”, I replied.
We arrived about 10 minutes late just in time to see the Hare heading north giving us a hint of where the run would finish from. The GM was stationed at the start heading us off in the right direction.

Up over the expected Tallebudgera Creek bridge we went and after a few kilometres we came across Moonbeams and Now Loved gazing across the creek where we would eventually have to get to.
A bit further on we came across KB and Croc doing similar, however as we again found the predictable trail there was no sight of these two to be seen again. Again we seemed to keep reeling a few stragglers as we reached the highway and across the creek again before starting the trek westwards.

Towards the Fleys boardwalk seemed obvious as we continued with Sir Rabbit upsetting some local feral with his horn blowing, however he was under RA orders so he had no choice. In the distance we could hear the reply horn, from Sir Prince presumably.

As we entered the bush we came across the on back and presumed the pack would be going up the hill to circle around. We continued onwards along the track and boardwalk and caught up with Botulism and Rug making the bee line for home.

After about an hour we arrived home to find the rest of the pack well and truly enjoying the birthday crownies provided by Bent Banana (I think). Following the sausage entre, mains of burgers and steak and multitudes of canned goodies and salads the Hare had acquired from Aldi and others, the Gm called the circle to order (the dessert of ice cream and fruit followed).

Rectum gave the run report saying he’d love to say it was wonderful and well marked, but he couldn’t, saying he got lost several times. Cumagen and Link also added that although it was a debacle it was actually one of his better ones 5/10.

The food fared much better with Ferret adding that it saved the Hare and gave it a 7.5/10. Blacky made a well received come back showing off his new additions provided by the hospital. It was obvious he was concerned that the cash was being fritted away and also had to make sure he could make his hospital payments. Another great effort Sir Circumference, great feed and also a thanks to guest chef, Moonbeams.
Down Downs;
Circumference; Hare
Albanians – Ian & Kirk the Ripper along with Kevin; Visitor
Bent Banana & Swindler; For bringing guests

Blackstump, Cumagain, Rock Hard & Slab (from last week and bearing gift for GM); Returning runners
Rug; Leaving BBQ in a mess from last week plus new shoes

Missing Link; Still no gift for GM

Now Loved; laughing at RA (burning his fingers on hot sausage)

Flasher; Charged by apprentice RA, Rectum, for sending weird emails

Flasher; Charged by apprentice RA, Ferret, for sending weird emails to his wife instead of him

Testicle; Trying to charge Albanians over some trivial life threatening matter

Bent Banana; Birthday Boy (69th?), Crownies and 500 runs

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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