Run 1789

Run: 1789
Date: Monday 13th February 2012
Hare: Cumsmoke
Venue: Rugby Club Benowa
Runners: 23

Weeks to AGPU: 17
It must have been a busy day for poor old Cumsmoke, allegedly working 6 days per week, having to ring Caustic to organise a wet weather venue, ring Pizza to organise a piss stop at the Pizza Palace, set a run, watch it get washed out and reset via the mobile alternative, now that’s stressful! By the way KB and Rectum ended up getting conned to cook the food, and Rug did the money, so this was really an outstanding effort at “outsourcing the run”, he just need someone to set it for him and he would have got the Quinella.

The pack of 23 soles gathered at the rugby grounds and were given the brief to head off into the hills, being warned it was an 8 – 9 km effort but had a drink stop, but the run also ran close to home on a couple of occasions (I’m sure that’s one of the Hash rules, is to not to).

So off we went, with Rectum and Cumagen shortcutting across the field, along Benowa Road before heading left onto the maze of back streets. Through the park at the check (one of few) and over the on back as we figured the run would emerge on the road ahead. Sure enough as the pack continued towards Ashmore, left (via the check with double arrows to the left?) into Hillview Parade and up and down the hills as Rectum disappeared into the distance.

More left and rights, in the hot and humid conditions, as we finally emerged near home but turned right into more side streets. Here the following pack of Sir Prince, Sir Rabbit & Co had got miserably lost but fortunately had Missing Link on hand who had inside information of the drink stop at the Pizza Palace.

So off they went, making a bee line for the drink stop to join the walkers who, I presume, had already got into the the terrific brews on offer. The rest of us, including Sir Cumference, Bent Banana, the Albanian visitors and Cumagen, continued through some what familiar grounds before returning to Benowa Road then right towards the race track precinct. We again emerged at Benowa Road immediately across the road from home and with double arrows and figured it was on home and the drink stop was nothing but the usual smoke screen (alas we were wrong).

The groups returned at varying times as KB and Rectum prepared the feast (well sort of) of snags, chicken skewers and salad followed by pretty little cup cakes (must be a rule against having gay dessert in the Hash). We shared the Rugby BBQ saving Cumsmoke having to clean the trailer (another outsource coup by Cumsmoke).

During the circle KB was iced for plotting to serve the RA a chilli infused snag, unfortunately within ear shot of the RA. Rectum gave the run good marks saying it was well marked, 6.5/10, whilst Truck Tyres said the food was good, 7/10.

Thanks to Caustic for the venue, Pizza for the drink stop, KB & Rectum for cooking and Rug for taking over the Hash Cash job. Thanks too to the Hare, Cumsmoke, for some how pulling this potential debacle out of the fire (pure arse rather then planning one would think)!
Down Downs;
Cumsmoke; Hare (run set by car)

KB; Trying to pass on chilli infused snag to RA, only to have RA overhearing plan (Iced accordingly)

Bent Banana; Trying to throw rubbish in bin from 1 foot away and miss

Now Loved; Dodgy parking across two car spots & new “Black shoes”

Sir Prince Valiant: Driving wife’s car to Hash when storm threatening

Sir Rabbit; Drinking from wrong hand

Cumsmoke; Returning runner

Pizza; Thanks for excellent brews at his drink stop & returning runner

Caustic; POW (by Cumsmoke) for outsourcing Cumsmoke’s lift home last week to Ferret but. Himself then running out of petrol at entry to home

Cashy?; Rugby Club boss, thanks for use of his all weather venue and BBQ

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