Run 1791

Run: 1791
Date: Monday 27th February 2012
Hare: Nasty
Venue: Robina Common
Runners: 27

Weeks to AGPU: 15
Circumference could have been excused for being a bit apprehensive on the way to the run given recent events at Robina have resulted in lengthy legal proceedings following collapsed boardwalks on the run. However this was not to be as a good solid pack arrived at the common Robina Common venue.

We got the brief re the usual markings and short run advice of 45 minutes (seems everyone thinks we’re athletes these days, or grossly underestimating distances).
We were also given the usual sad spiel about how the recent wet conditions had made the run hard to set and how we would have been running under 10 foot (that’s 3 metres) of water if it was yesterday, blah, blah, blah. As we well know any run in these parts generally means a lot of toing and throwing amongst the myriad of paths and parks, which abound these parts.

The first leg provided a good long on back, which seemed to catch many of the pack. We soon had to run across Markeri Street before turning east across the bridge then north along Bermuda Street.
I figure a few may have deserted at this point fearing a long run to Broadbeach/Nerang Road etc. This was not to be as we ran under the road opposite the shopping centre with Cumagain nearly taking out an oncoming bike rider. Bent Banana was meanwhile spied brown nosing to the RA by running a couple of on backs and alerting the RA in plenty of time.

We continued behind the shops then looped around back to Markeri Street where we regrouped. A few more may have retreated at this point given the lack of numbers now at the regroup. Over the road and south into the back streets before again emerging at Bermuda Street. It seemed confusion reigned as we searched for the trail in all directions.

It seemed the arrows on the check pointed over the road so Bent Banana and Cumagain investigated then headed south, not to be seen again for some time. They picked the wrong way and ended up doing the lengthy Bond Uni circuit home. The rest of us found the trail heading north then across Bermuda Street and west again homewards.

We passed a few suspect short cutters and reached home in about 55 minutes to find most of the pack already into the birthday beers provided by Caustic (obviously clearing his fridge of old stock).
The nosh consisted of garlic bread followed by chilli beef, roast spuds and potato bake (no greens for Sir Rabbit). Dessert was pavlova and trifle, all quite nice.
Moonbeams gave the nosh a score of 7/10 but did mention it needed more chilli. Sir Cumference gave the run a good report and 7.5/10, with Sir Rabbit also saying it was good but Caustic, as one would expect, said it was yet another debacle.

Ferret came good with a gift for the GM from his recent run with Singapore Hash, alas Nasty failed to deliver on his offering and was punished accordingly.
Rainbow had acquired a number of confiscated water pistols ensuring a somewhat wet battle in the circle. How am I supposed to write notes when my note book is soaked?
Well done Nasty and good to see a solid turn out.
Down Downs:
Nasty: Hare

Tony: Visitor and named “Done One Once” (I think)

Show Pony, Rainbow, Pile Driver, Sir AH & Flabio: Returning runners

Caustic (x2 down downs); Birthday boy (thanks for the beers)

Moonbeams & Missing Link: Drinking from wrong hand

Nasty: No gift for GM from OS tour

Jigsaw: Leaving lights behind at last event (as charged by Moonbeams)

Sir Rabbit: Being in less than average state after Point Two trying to phone following Splinter Hash Lunch/golf on Friday

Sir Prince Valiant; Not singing

Flabio: Charged for misdemeanour on Sunday Bike ride

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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