Run 1790

Run: 1790
Date: Monday 20th February 2012
Hare: Swollen Colon
Venue: Lands End Bridge, Biggera Waters
Runners: 24

Weeks to AGPU: 16
On arrival the car park was full and cars were being marshalled by KB in an attempt to avoid any parking infringements. Bent Banana suggested that Black Stump would cover the costs, but I feel this may have fallen on deaf ears. The Mayor strolled past avoiding any eye contact and trying to appear disinterested in the rabble descending upon his home suburb.
Some of our group was gathered in a circle trying to piece together the events of birthday drinks for Bouncer at the surf club on Sunday. Slowly the story unfolded and what started as a few drinks apparently ended up an epic event with some 11 bottles of red alone destroyed.

Latrine made one of his phantom returns and joined us on the run but as per usual these days disappeared into the night before the festivities and circle. The Hare gathered the pack and advised that it was a 9.5km run and we should be home in 55 minutes.
There was also a walkers trail, we were told, and that the trails were well marked with large arrows. After some 500 metres we still had not found anything resembling a trail nor arrows.
Finally we found a check, which soon had the pack divided and running in various directions. We ran southwards past Veteran’s abode where he was spotted spying at the running rabble below. An investigation will no doubt be launched to determine why he was too busy too join us, and so close to home.

As the run continued along the waterfront, with a few diversions, the pack soon wilted with only Sir Cumference, Latrine, Rectum and myself now the only runners to be seen. Sir Cumference was dropped off as he tried finding the trail opposite KFC whilst the rest of us went over the bridge and along Loders Creek behind Maccas.

We soon lost Latrine and now only Rectum and myself ran to Chirn Park, near Sir Rabbit’s warren, and slowly began the hilly run northwards. It was now very obvious where the run was heading and on several occasions I suggested to Rectum that local knowledge should prevail and that we should take the “most direct route” home.

However, undeterred by my comments we continued and completed the entire trail apart from missing a small section just over Biggera Creek Bridge. Apparently one or two others also completed the entire run including Bent Banana.
I don’t know about well marked nor the huge arrows we were promised, but the run seemed a good workout for anyone contemplating a half marathon or an upcoming triathlon, gotta say though nice scenery along the waterfront leg.

It appears that no one did the walk, much to the disgust of the Hare and in fact most of the pack just stayed with the out and back option along the waterfront and enjoying the views.
The nosh consisted of a range of delicacies including, Lambs fry and bacon, cat food as most called it (savory mince), peas, spuds and bread rolls followed by apple pie and cream. As I think Croc said, “10/10 for trying to provide something different”.

However, serial whinger, Cumsmoke thought other wise during his food report and the words, bi product and shit came into it, but did mention the peas and bread rolls were good, many of the others said it was good nosh 5/10. Rectum was given the job of the run report and firstly apologised to Sir Cumference in saying that his run was one of the worst for the year and in fact tonight’s run just took over. He said we may well have just run 4.5km one way then just turned around 4/10. A bit harsh but never the less a great night had by all.

By the way, Sir Prince advised that there will be a working bee in Thailand to assist Moonbeams in the painting of his new abode. However one thinks that the work hours will be minimal and in fact the only work going on will be some rabble trying to “supervise” the poor unsuspecting locals.

Down Downs;
Swollen; Hare

Big O, Nasty & Arseup; Returning runners

Arseup & Nasty; Returning runners from OS tours failing to bring GM a gift

Sir Rabbit; Scaring a recuperating Black Stump with Horn

Caustic; No Hash shirt on run

Cumsmoke (x 2 down downs); Spreading butter over my notes and false charge attempt

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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