Run 1792

Run: 1792
Date: Monday 5th March 2012
Hare: Veteran & Sir Rabbit
Venue: Coombabah
Runners: 19

Weeks to AGPU: 14
Aussie’s name had been on the Hare line for months now and yet last week he declared he didn’t know it was his run and he would be in Melbourne anyway.

Don’t worry, the repercussions will be severe and swift, however a carton of Crownies may assist in redemption. Veteran and Sir Rabbit stepped up to the plate with the ever reliable Coombabah Wetlands (aka Shit Farm) as the new chosen venue.

However the skies had not cleared and the climate change storms had continued resulting in a somewhat tame and predictable run. The alternative would have been a very wet and miserable slosh through appalling conditions.

Considering the very average conditions a reasonable pack of 19 runners showed including visitor from the south, Iceman.

Show Pony was spied acquiring some fishing gear and tips from KB he need for catching some monster fish (apparently) residing in his marina. Fortunately the RA was in attendance and had thankfully diverted the rain for the duration of our evening.

The Hare, Veteran, commenced with a 10 minute ramble on the run and checks and thousands of dangerous kangaroos and red paper for walkers and toilet paper for others and in the end it was blah, blah, blah. Instead he could have said he has just set a 7km loop using only one roll of dunny paper and half a bag of flour with one check and watch out for the rabid roos and flooding rivers, simple.

Rectum, Bent Banana and I set the pace with my local knowledge coming into play as we dodged the roos and the water. We came across the one check and walkers trail and continued on our merry loop around the perimeter of the park.

Good running country but not much to report as we returned on the out trail in about 45 minutes with Bent Banana figuring it was about 7.24km and I figured about 7.26km was right.
We arrived back at our road side retreat under the street light to the eagerly awaiting mossie horde, which had figured an extra good feed was on offer tonight.

Sir Rabbit had prepared one of his usual “big pot” surprises of a spag bol type thingy with bread and lettuce followed by lamingtons for dessert.
The GM decided not to ruin the street side ambience we had created and called a very casual “sit down” circle.

He was so astounded at the quality of the food and run created at such short notice that he gave the run a 9.5/10 and the food a 10/10 saying it was the best pasta dish he had ever had. Others agreed that it was the best they’d had that day.

No down downs except for Rug getting the POW (by Flabio) for near gay type infringements on the run amid incorrect accusations about coming from Huddersfield (an English thing I figure).
Iceman, our visitor form Nambucca and Posh Hash chimed in with a joke nearly worthy of repeating (nearly I said).

The seemingly quiet street appeared more like the M1 at peak hour with locals toing and froing trying to figure out why this homeless bunch had descended with their meals on wheels to this neck of the woods. Just as the early circle had concluded the RA could no longer hold back the elements as the heavens opened again and cleared the crowd to return home early trying to explain their “quiet” night at Hash. Well done to Sir Rabbit & Veteran.

PS Don’t forget the big 1800th action packed, fun filled event happening on the 30th April!!

Down Downs:
Rug; POW, from Flabio, for using pink torch and tip toeing around water on run
On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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