Run 1793

Run: 1793
Date: Monday 12th March 2012
Hare: Kitchen Bitch
Venue: Burleigh
Runners: 30 + 1 Juggler + 1 mutt

Weeks to AGPU: 13
Where does one start describing this event of epic proportions? There was little doubt that any run involving Kitchen Bitch (KB for short) will be well catered and tonight, being his birthday, was going to be no exception.

After negotiating the coast peak hour traffic and accidents we arrived at the site next to the Burleigh Surf Club to the large awaiting crowd. After last week, where we brought the homeless look and meals on wheels to the burbs, this time it was us descending on their (the homeless) domain.

The shelter to the south of us was filled with the locals well entrenched and listening to music and allegedly even TV! Next to our shelter was a suspect character (aka the “Juggler”) presumably getting ready to call it a night, however this particular person was due to be our night’s entertainment. Fortunately KB had “marked” the shed as reserved for the Hash for tonight’s festivities. KB gave us the usual brief about hills, chalk, paper, runners and walkers trail and sent us off to the north to the confusion of the pack.

It wasn’t long before we veered to the west then looped back past the start, a dangerous practice at any time but particularly so with the pack now somewhat aging. We followed the large arrow trail across the highway and into the village area of Burleigh before heading east and for the second time being very close to home.

The inevitable park beckoned in the distance as we wound our way through the back streets and parks making our way up the various short and sharp hills.
We finally came to the park entrance and still we continued upwards towards the summit. The arrow trail thinned a little but we still managed to find the trail and went upwards downwards and upwards again before veering to the left into the thick scrub.

Apparently Yowies were known to be lurking in these parts but we managed to dodge them and just startle a few scrub turkeys before departing the loop and again emerging on the path. With the walkers now in tow we arrived at the lookout dead end with some choosing the “shortcut” down through the scrub whilst the rest of the pack returned to the proper downhill path for the short run to the scenic drink stop, after a total of some 40 minutes.

Always a popular venue and great spot for the drink stop, the pack gathered to enjoy one of Pizza’s kindly donated great brews, problem was the brew was great back in 2007 when he made it but a little flat tonight as said by the connoisseurs. After upsetting a few romantic’s quiet evening plans we soon departed for the short run/walk back to the start.
As we awaited the nosh, now being prepared by the catering team of KB, Sir Prince, Aussie and new inductee, Rectum, we were entertained by the “Juggler” we had seen at the start.
What followed was a very entertaining 30 minutes or so of Juggling, knife throwing/balancing, flaming torches by tonight’s impromptu entertainer. I’m sure he was never prepared for such a big night on a Monday.
Plenty of the pack volunteered in participating including jigsaw and Swollen who also decided to add entertainment with his never ending supply of crackers.

I was wondering if the show would conclude with a sword fight or, as someone suggested, a human torch, but sadly not on this occasion. Some also said he could be a great alternative entertainment source at the AGPU, this I suspect fell on many a deaf ear.

Following the juggling exhibition we were kept entertained by the constant stream of ugly women passing by, adding further to the ambience of the evening. Even Cumsmoke’s dog seemed to be enjoying the strange goings on.

The Juggler earned a good night’s pay (including some cash from the ever cautious Hash Cash himself), a free feed and the opportunity to tell me all about his trip to the jugglers Convention (think about that one for a while).

The 3 course feast commenced with the entre of mixed fish & prawn stew laced with a blue cheese sauce, which had caused many to suspect the quality of the food. I must say I do love a blue cheese sauce with a good steak or as salad dressing, but like many, to have it in the fashion we had tonight was definitely an acquired taste.

KB wasn’t worried though, even if he had spent 7 hours preparing it, as he had much more on the way. Next up was the steak, eggs and vegie feast presided over by Rectum. Dessert was an interesting crepe dish, finishing off another gourmet feast in a great location.

The GM called for a short circle, given it was already past many of the pack’s bedtime. He started with a glowing report on the food despite the fish dish debate gave the feast a deserving 9/10.
Missing Link gave the run a good 7/10 but said it was little short, with him being such an athlete. After the short circle of about an hour it was time to let the pack head home for their much needed sleep and try to explain why tonight was so late and yet last week so early.

A great night, great venue, good run & drink stop, but what else can one expect from KB, good luck following this one Pizza, the bar has been set high.

PS Don’t forget the big 1800th action packed, fun filled event happening on the 30th April!!
Message from Blackie your Hash cash

Those with less than 10 runs in this Hierarchy Year (from 13-06-2011 ) will have to pay $5 extra for each run not completed under 10.
The following at Run 1789(13-02-2012) are in danger of being penalised.
Down Downs:
KB: Food extravaganza

KB: Hare

Sir Prince Valiant, Aussie & Rectum: Assistant chefs

Aussie: Over appreciating previous down down

Aussie: Further over appreciating previous down down

Pizza: For serving flat beer (but thanks for the kind donation as always)

Jigsaw: 100 runs

Miscarriage: Back form OS (Xmas Isl.) and no gift for GM (however Swindler did provide one from his recent travels)

Jessie: Visitor from Amsterdam

“Juggler” & Swindler: Drinking from wrong hand and failing to note such respectively

Flabio: Renamed Head Job following alleged altercation with boss

Caustic: Providing GM with incorrect info on above said naming

Pizza: Age discrimination as charged by KB – apparently not old enough to be GM

Cumsmoke: In possession of gay music & trip to Sydney coinciding with Mardi Gras

Show Pony: Failing to provide Crownies for recent birthday 2 weeks ago

KB: POW for fish stew failing scrutiny (presented by Rug)

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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