Run 1816

Hi Hashers, First of all let me apologise for the words being so late this week, I had to negotiate with the Hash Cash for a better rate of pay. Up to now I have been working for fu#k all.
Run 1816
Date : 20th August 2012
Hare : Sir Slab, Sir Prince Valiant
Venue : AFL Club, Robina
Runners Shitloads (35 ish)

Weeks to lasagne – 1

The venue, a little hard to find for some, that’s you Flasher, was supposed to be empty of the junior AFL players so that we could make use of the car parking facilities. Indeed, the juniors had finished, however the seniors were present instead. A little tight in the car park then.

I had arrived with the following words from an experienced hasher “If you haven’t done a Slab run you’re in for a treat. He knows all the bush.” I was hoping this was a reference to parkland and not a seedy side to Sir Slab.

Consequently I was eagerly anticipating the run, as it seemed, was the huge numbers who had also turned up.

Sir Slab got us under way on what was a large circuitous route through the back streets and pathways of the local houses and commercial estates. The trail was well marked throughout, though light on checks and false trails. Unfortunately it been over hyped to me and involved virtually no bush/chiggy/green stuff so by the last check I had lost interest and headed back to the AFL ground which was 100 metres away.

I arrived back to a scene somewhat akin to a master chef show, Sir Prince Valiant had a cast of thousands peeling, chopping and stirring. Looking at the quantity of raw materials, I had grave reservations that the food would be ready on time. Would we be in line for another Cum Smoke and the spit roast debarcle?

Entrees of spring rolls and dim sims were served in vast quantities by the over- eager to please Ferret (brown nosing to avoid the German punishment). I couldn’t spot the smoko van anywhere.

After an ‘I would have left the restaurant by know’ wait, the mains were proffered. Chicken and vegetable Thai curry in abundance, it was worth the wait, delicious.
Could a dessert top this meal? Apparently not – there wasn’t one, Sir Prince is only allowed to use certain rooms in the house when he has permission from the princess.

The Circle whistle was tooted and the Hare (and birthday boy) brought out

Black Stump, who hadn’t had a run for a while (or a sh%t for that matter – Caustic) was asked for comment.

A run so good he did both halves (intended walking half) too much chalk -over budget – and never more than a Km from home 8/10
Dicky Knee and Shat combined for the walk report – brilliant, good choice of alleyways 4/10 (readjusted to 8/10)

Botcho, the olive maestro, was again asked for the food report, excellent entrée, mains nice, no bananas 8/10

Visitors/returners – Bomber (Sydney), Hand job, Arse up, Miscarriage, Pile driver

Letter from the AFP sent to GM re Nazi sympathizers read to circle.

RA then brought out the ‘Turncoat B#ast$rds”, Flasher, Sir Slab, Shat and Ferret and gassed them on top of a microwave oven. Let off far too lightly in my opinion.

DD – Flasher refusing Sgt Shultz (dicky Knee) a lift down
– Show pony for having facial cancer?
– Caustic for the above nomination
– Flasher, lame charge
– Ferret, ingratiating behavior with the entrees

P.O.W. Cum Smoke, thinking he was still on a barrister’s hourly rate, high jacked the circle for far too long before handing the trophy to Truck Tyres.

Hashy birthday to Sir Slab who provided Crownies and Show Pony who didn’t

Croc honoured for 200 runs

Next weeks run Old Fart @ Pacific Pines

31st August, splinter lunch at Broadbeach

The usual thanks to Sir Slab and Sir Prince for a memorable evening.

On On

On Sec
Most of the above may be untrue.

Foot note – Mumbles is still alive, he hared the Thursday hash run in Nerang and it was very good, reckons he’ll be back after he gets over the flu.

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  1. Rectum

    Kwakka you need to lay off the piss, its hard to work out who some of the photos are of!
    Have a chat with Swindler he’s awesome at photography. (or so he tells me)

  2. Rectum

    Thats rich……….you are the king of excuses (and diddymen) especially when it comes to short cutting. I complain about your jokes being old because they are, Noah found them funny. I have a life, most of it is spent on a weekly denigration of you in the trash! Its time well spent. Anyway isnt there some innocent holiday maker you need to be spying on.

  3. Flasher

    Rectum……always making excuses, sending out emails complaining about my jokes being old….get a life and start writing the Hash Trash in a timely manner….

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