Run 1818

Run 1818

Date    :           3rd September 2012

Hare    :           Ferret

Venue :           Miami SLSC

Runners         32

Weeks to the Vietnam offensive – 6

A mild night seemed to be on the cards as we assembled at the park at the end of Marine Parade. Numbers were healthy and the runner’s eager as our Hare disclosed the route information.

The evening began normally enough then turned into De Ja Vu or like something I had experienced previously (old run, family cooking the food), finishing out of order and in a degree of chaos. But more of that later.

Slightly later than 6.15, we began running northwards along the coastline before cutting left at the base of Magic Mountain and emerging to cross the highway by Nobby’s shops.

Several false trails and check backs were encountered, at which both Flasher and the GM seemed to be choosing very wisely. In fact a little too wisely, until it was established that we were running the majority of the Thirsty Thursday hash run from 4 nights previous, which, of course, they had both run.

The marking were good in the main, though some a little too far apart and others, which had bizarre letters alongside them (must be a Thursday thing).

The route took us through the estates by Sunshine boulevard, past Pizzy Park swimming pool until it eventually looped back to Sunshine Boulevard, back over the highway and home.

The length was good and combined with the temperature and pace at the front made for a top workout. Good performances by both Miscarriage and Flasher but a special mention to Caustic who put in a big effort to finish at the pointy end of the pack.

A small coach arrived carrying the catering team and the entrees were served; cheese, tomatoes, salad and crackers. The pack dived on these, like seagulls at the beach, leaving shiny clean platters in minutes.

The mains were taking a little longer, so circle was called with the intention that it be completed prior to the food.

Two Dogs offered the following of the run – old run, markings faded, little and big arrows, pack scattered, tedious 6/10 (which could explain why he and the GM short cutted the end)

Aussie commented on the walk – no arrows, up and back down albatross 7/10, (seemed overly generous)

No Visitors

Pizza (returner) and the hare Ferret called out by the GM who informed us that as they were both complaining about not being on committee this year, they would be booze masters next year. Cheers all round, though Ferrets birthday shine seemed to dull at that point.

Prince regaled us with a tale about a fellow hasher abusing a request to look after his guest; no one appeared surprised in the least. Also how the guest was taught her own language by Rug and had wine emptied on her by Flasher at the splinter lunch. We do leave a lasting impression. (have you tried getting red wine out of clothing?)

The RA brought out Caustic who informed us that Miss Scotland had been party to a molestation at the hands of others, for whom she was giving a lift home. Must be how we say thanks these days.

POW invited out, but the mains were ready so circle interrupted.

The meal consisted of Roast beef, jacket spuds, peas, carrots, mixed veg, sour cream, butter, gravy with a mixed fruit pavlova to finish. Delicious if you were at the front of the queue, (though in your favorite words Ferret “could have done with a bit of salt and pepper”) not so good if you had the vegetarian option (run out of meat) at the end.  Two words PORTION CONTROL.

Apathy reigned supreme as the GM brought the proceedings to a halt, without the POW, jokes, charges etc. (save for next week)

Next weeks run – Carefree’s virgin and final run before he returns to Sydney (coaching NSW Blues for state of origin)(well they’ve tried everyone else) @ Southport surf club (special meal organized)

Josephine (this is getting to be a habit) ended circle on behalf of Moonbeams who is recovering from treatment. All our very best mate, hope to see you soon.

Thanks to Ferret (but mainly Romeo and accomplices) and to Kwakka and Kitchen Bitch for keeping the home fires burning.

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Most of the above may be untrue.

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