Run 1819

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Run 1819
Date : 10th September 2012
Hare : Carefree
Venue : Southport SLSC
Runners 33

Weeks to Christmas cocktail evening at Hollywood Showgirls – 11

Arriving late for the run, the usual work commitments, I landed at the Surf club for what was the warmest evening so far, to the sight of four front running b#st@rds sweating and breathing heavily on the beach path. Whilst I couldn’t put my finger on it, something did not seem quite right, then it dawned on me, Cum Smoke was one of the front-runners. What the hell had gone on here? When was the last time you saw him run? When did you ever see him finish at the front? Had there been a rip in the space-time continuum?

Botcho, Caustic and Blackie made up the quartet and confirmed it was not an illusion, so where therefore, were the serial front-runners – Miscarriage and Flasher? Well, surprise, surprise they had ignored the markings and assumed the route, taking themselves off in the wrong direction.

Isn’t that why someone bothers to draw pretty little arrows and stuff that we are meant to follow?

Not having run, I trawled the good-sized crowd for comments.

“Predictable, up the spit and back”
“Carefree uses tampons”
“Disgraceful, no markings”
“Its royal Labrador”
“Carefree is renowned for shit runs”

It seems that Carefree is to hash runs what Clive Palmer is to hang-gliding

For those interested, the route ran north from the surf club, past Versace etc. and turned left by SeaWorld (or right if you were flasher and buddy) before returning on itself. About as much imagination as the current government.

A notable attendance by Pile driver who has now made four runs in a row, is there a bet we don’t know about.

Flasher and Miscarriage finally turned up looking suitably embarrassed.

Circle whistle tooted and order eventually obtained, it seemed as though there was a lot to talk about amongst ourselves.

Hare invited out, Carefree’s first run on the Gold Coast and hopefully his last according to Iceman, who stated ‘I enjoyed the lighting and toilet blocks’ – what the f%ck was he talking about?? 6.1/10
Show Pony, on behalf of the walkers, gave a juxtaposition, ‘been on the coast for 20 years, tonight I’ve been on new scenic territory’ 11/10 Show Pony backed up by Sir Slab. Looks like you can set a walk again Carefree.

DD to the three hares – Carefree, Moonbeams and Blackie

Visitors – Anchovy (someone’s mate from somewhere)
Vasso – (returner to the fold)
Peter – (Carefree’s mate)

Experiencing yet another Peter in the circle led to the call “someone’s opened a tin of Peters” and this led to all the Peters being brought out for a DD.

Unfinished business – thanks to the providers of birthday booze – Ferret/VD/Jigsaw

DD for Sir Slab on his 1300 runs, in the offing for an On Secs job? Pressy in due course (we’ve all heard that before, have you got yours yet Veteran?)

RA pulled Flasher out for excessive emails (serial offender). PS who ever is slipping Flasher the shrinking drugs please stop, as I observed him in the circle I thought “Does his mum know he’s out this late?”

Jokes requested – someone suggested the run for starters

Caustic procrastinated over a joke ridiculing the disabled, poor delivery, poor punch line, poor taste and the joke wasn’t up to much either. Eight minutes of my life I wont get back.

POW, Caustic decided to abridge the lengthy diatribe he had prepared and just handed it to Flasher for voting Labour, fair enough.

Vasso informed us that the standing invitation to the Brissy over 60’s luncheon invitation would be rescinded as there are too many of us over 60.

Coming up –

1st October – German Festival at Pizza’s
8th October – Run in the middle of nowhere – Jacobs Well

Talking of which Mme Latrine is still asking for transport to and from the venue – the trip there seems ok but…………

Next Weeks run – Veteran @ Labrador, norm rix park

End of circle given a DD by Moonbeams.

Food served at the Surf club –

Sir Prince nearly not served/Waitress amused by those who were not ashamed of giving their hash names – shame on those of you who didn’t, Barry, Julian etc. etc. In keeping with the usual run of things, the special was fine but a little light on the portion control front. It did however come with a $2 wine and not the $7.50 paid by the GM who went for the fancy pants fisherman’s basket.

A big shout out to Carefree’s mate Peter, who named himself “wild Man” when ordering the food.

The Peter Allen Gay dessert award to Cum Smoke.

Thanks to Carefree, good luck on the wrong side of the Tweed, hope to see you again.

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On Sec
Most of the above may be untrue.

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