Run 1825

Run 1825
Date : 22nd October 2012
Hare : Elvis and Cum Smoke
Venue : Keith Hunt Park, Musgrave Avenue, West Labrador
Runners 23

Weeks to the family bike ride – 3

Even without our Hanoi contingent, numbers had swelled from last week, despite the unpredictability of either the hares or the food; it must be the overall popular appeal of Labrador. Fingers crossed we are back soon.

Weather conditions were bizarre; despite roasting hot temperatures through the day, as we were about to embark, a cooler southerly introduced itself, distant lightning was observed and a coastal storm seemed imminent.

Nonetheless a good dozen of us hearty souls set off towards the trees, which skirted the venue. The trail ran round paths and easements rarely touch tarmac. The checks were numerous and slowed down proceedings nicely. There was good use of alleyways, private grounds and even a swimming pool. The wind picked up strength and made certain sections exhilarating.

Ultimately we looped round in an anticlockwise direction before heading home.
On the down side the trail was hard to spot in places (use of writing chalk not gyproc), no false trail markings and the final leg was a lottery unless you knew your way home. On the upside, the duration was good; the use of novel alleyways and easements kept us off the roads and the pack was kept intact throughout. Every runner had a turn at the front. Good effort.

Circle was commenced prior to food and the hares brought out. Elvis explained that the run had been set yesterday and so was slightly faded due to light rain overnight; he also described his co-hare’s efforts as “he helped my wife walk the dog”. Stick to what you are good at, I say. (though I wouldn’t trust my dog with him)

Botcho gave comment “ quite good, distance between arrows a little long in places, lost the trail on the way home”

Prior to eating the food we were reminded that at this event last year, the same choice of food was given and Blackie ended up with a near death experience and minus three kilos.

Returners – Bouncer (who thought we would welcome him back to the fold), Moonbeams questioned, “where have you been for the last 14 years”
Ferret – In Canberra organizing political parties

Flasher was brought out and congratulated for his suggestion of abolishing the current birthday beers strategy. As of 1st Jan 2013 these will be discouraged and the birthday boy will be supplied with a drink by the committee.

Ra took to the stage and invited Blackie to inform us of his recent bike ride, to which Caustic Crusader had invited him. True to form, after starting out together, Caustic pissed off at a great rate of knots, leaving Blackie on his own. Word to the wise, suggest a ride with plenty of hills, and then you can catch him up as he is walking up them.

POW – Flasher invited everyone into the circle for some unfathomable reason, then, rather unimaginatively, tried pointing the finger at Rectum for soundly beating him at the V8 Handicap, Caustic for (couldn’t hear) before handing the award to Two Dogs on a weak as piss trumped up charge of ‘Fudging the books’. We expect better than this, or do we?

DD to Cum Smoke (200 runs) but 300 meals, go figure and Rectum (Hashy Birthday) Interesting to see that despite vehement protestations by email, some hashers were able to put their ethics to one side and still take a free drink. That’s commitment for you.

From Reuters – photographic evidence of severe bark removal by Swindler after a Hanoi hill.

From Moonbeams, Sir Prince Valiant is struggling under the pressure of many kilometers on the saddle followed by road runs. Moonbeams suggested he would rather be here with Cum Smoke.

Next weeks run – Swollen Colon or Aussie from Charris Seafoods, woo hoo
Labrador again. Who will Aussie try to kill on the Gold coast highway this year?

End of circle, as it should be, by Moonbeams.

Thanks this week to Elvis and Cum Smoke for exceeding expectations. Good effort.

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Don’t believe a word of it.

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