Run 1826

Blackie’s 2012 Hash Bike Rally
Date: 11 November 2012                                                                                                             Time: Arrive 10:30 for start at 11AM
Location: Next to Tennis Courts at Pizzey Park. Map 44 Ref. L14
Cost: $10 p.p. for food.

There will be two scenic, mostly off road, trails set by Blackie. One to cater for the good riders and the other for the beginners.

The Hash Booze will be present and Lunch will be served around 12:45 -1 PM

This will be a day out also for the wives and girlfriends and we will want numbers coming at Hash Run 5/11/12.

Hash Cocktail Party Details

Run 1826
Date : 29nd October 2012
Hare : Swollen Colon
Venue : Charis Seafood, Labrador
Runners 22

No more Labrador runs this year thankfully

“Welcome to the ‘Don’t be afraid run’” were the words the hare used to greet us as we gathered alongside Charis Seafood in the ever-popular suburb of Labrador. Even with the prospect of another Labrador run and the final week without our overseas contingent, numbers were still over the twenty mark.

Unusually, for this time of year, a cool breeze was blowing in from the sea so sweatshirts stayed on until the last possible moment. Without ado we were off down marine parade, right through an alley onto the gold coast highway where a group hug had been indicated. Even over this short distance the markings were light on the ground (both in intensity and number) so a challenge appeared to be on the cards. On honorable mention to the newly revitalized Bouncer who was running this week.

After a brief respite, we ran over the highway and into the housing estates until, after several checks, we were confronted with the option of crossing a canal at the rear of McDonalds (not likely was the general consensus).

A short route deviation over the bridge ensued and the trail was searched for and regained. Deeper into Southport we travelled, the speed was increased so that the locals did not have chance to steal any training shoes as we passed them. Finally after reaching a dead end, another canal crossing loomed ahead of us. There was no mistaking the chalk markings on the remnants of the bridge ramparts in the middle of the water.

General consensus was again ‘no chance’ but Mdme Latrine refused to capitulate and pushed on. The water gradually rose to his chest (over the heads of most of our short-arses) before he emerged on the opposite bank. Taking the sensible option, I dis-robed and held my clothing high to keep it dry on the crossing. Great plan until I slipped getting out and everything was soaked.

Piss-weak would be the best adjective to describe the rest of the pack who refused to put a foot in the water. Unperturbed Latrine and Myself pressed on to complete the rest of the trail.

We made our way to Smith Street, crossed, followed an easement to Johnson Street, crossed, followed another easement and came out in a sports area where the trail died. About a kilometer later we found it once more, passing the Southport hospital to the water and running adjacent to the ocean all the way home.

Food was served, no entrees, no starter, no dessert just a form of bolognaise with over cooked pasta spirals mixed through.

Circle was convened early and the hare brought out, Latrine was asked to comment but he had left the proceedings to get dry clothing so Rectum reported “ Good length and route choice, but markings too far apart, enjoyed it overall 6.5/10”
Moonbeams cast his culinary critique over the food, stating “Gruel, no salad dressing, dessert as good as the salad dressing 5/10”
Swollen appeared ecstatic at this news as, both scores were better than his last outing. He acknowledged that Latrine and Rectum were the only men present, with everyone else described as mice as they were “aging athletes, trembling at the sight of water”. The truth hurts.

No visitors or returners this week.

DON’T FORGET – Cocktail Night 1st December and Bike ride 11th November.

RA began his rant by informing us all that gift certificates were not currency?? And then congratulated Aussie for his inaugural haircut during a splinter lunch. (although, Aussie’s wife did not seem to agree).

POW – Two Dogs, invited out Flasher (delusional episode performing after splinter lunch) and Aussie for haircut during splinter lunch minus free head (above the shoulders) massage. Aussie pipped Flasher to the post by driving his car 100 yards to the venue.

From the trail-master, Sir Rabbit, the new precedent for anyone not giving significant notice when cancelling their turn as hare, will be a case of crownies.
So beware.

The circle was then entertained by Crocodile, who donated $5 to Kitchen Bitch’s petrol fund, before issuing the following DD’s –

Botcho – failing to pick Bouncer up
Veteran – for living at Labrador
Latrine – failing to consume his body weight in red wine this week

End of circle by the enigma that is Moonbeams

I would tell you where next weeks run is meant to be, but, it seemed to be overlooked in the mad rush to get home.

Thanks this week to Swollen, hope to see more of you.

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Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

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