Run 1827

Hash Cocktail Party Details

Run 1827
Date : 5th November 2012
Hare : Botcho
Venue : Botcho’s Pizzaria and Putting Green, Helensvale
Runners 30

Weeks until Vasso’s pot comes off – 7

Had I arrived on the set of Ben Hur? The cast of thousands was congregating at the entrance to the venue, gathered around the prodigal sons on their return from distant lands. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces, ebullient with the knowing winks and secretive smiles of persons who have recently shared memories. For those of us looking on (and who nearly got there) it appeared that all had had a great time.

The hare, Botcho, resplendent in chefs hat and apron, explained that the walker’s trail was non-existent and that the initial section of the run had been consigned to the memory of Flasher (first mistake).

We ran a fairway across the golf course, hooking to the left instead of slicing to the right and, after what appeared to be an age, we finally found trail. Tarmac was only on the menu as an aperitif, the mains turned out to be bush and lots of it served with a side helping of chiggy and grass.

No idea where we ran except to say that after a large anti-clockwise loop, we ended up back at the venue. The trail was well marked and abundant in checks. FRB’s were the GM and myself, but a large amount of the pack finished together in a respectable time.

After nibbling on crisps and olives, the Moroccan chicken drumsticks, peas, carrots and mashed potato was served by none other than Kitchen Bitch, with a self-service section containing nuts, coriander, bread and some biting chillies.

Our table turned into a chimpanzee’s tea party as Flasher took full vent to Caustic for the table playing baton relay with his drink and food.

Dessert was a deliciously light apple crumble, cream and ice cream. Gourmet indeed.

As circle commenced, Veteran gave comment on the run, with the precursor – “ As Botcho stepped up to the plate to help out Swindler it is very hard to criticise” fortunately not too hard, as he mentioned the failure to have any markings for the first two k’s and some of the worlds longest check backs. 7.5/10. You would think that Botcho would know better.

Josephine described the food as superb despite there being no pizzas in the pizza oven 91/4 out of 10.

Returners – Missing Link, Head Job, Sir Slab, Sir Prince Valliant, VD, Jigsaw, Blue Card, Kwakka

An overview of the trip was given by the travelling GM – Princey, in a multicoloured Mohawk and smoking jacket (looked like a cast member from lord of the rings)

The highlights were Vasso’s spiral fracture, Kwakka, Slab and VD’s flight upgrade, Swindler proving that only 15 year olds can let go of the handle bars without fear, Head Job (or should I say Disco Dancer) educating Vietnamese Taxi drivers with ‘Road Rage’ techniques, Shat for hotel bookings for large parties, Phantom for grubby hands and Vasso who kindly prescribed malaria tablets for everyone.

Star of the show was Link who admires Miscarriage so much, he emulated his last holiday outing and lost a phone.

DD’s to all.

Circumference thanked KB with a DD for crematorium duties then Flasher (who had calmed down by then) for his blatant attempt to pyramid sell, a magazine that he owns.

VD was invited out by the POW, Aussie, for queue jumping at the food line. You didn’t deserve that.

DON’T FORGET —— Blackie’s brilliant bike bonanza at Pizzy Park on Sunday, fun for all the family and two courses to choose from (not the food). This is a must attend due to the sumptuous seafood BBQ.

DD for Flasher (attention grabbing again)

Two pressies for the GM from Slab, confiscated by customs (a hand grenade and a sex slave) so just a poxy baseball cap then, which the GM valued so highly he gave it to me.

DD for Aussie and Sir AH both of whom attended the ‘No boat terminal at the Spit’ action day. Over two thousand people showed their support. Slightly overshadowed by the twenty thousand who attended the Coomera boat show and spent 4 million.

Next weeks run – the Sir Prince, de-ja-vu run at Robina, prepare to eat your body weight in dim-sims.

End of circle by the padwan that is Josephine

Thanks this week to Botcho (and Capo), helping out at short notice, giving us a better run than last time and, as always, supplying food to die for.

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Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it. No really, don’t believe a word of it.

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