Run 1834

RUN 1834

Date: 24 December 2012

Guest Hare: Mohammed El Flas-Her

Venue: Helensvale Tavern

 A great turn out for the inaugural Xmas Eve Run from the Helensvale Tavern.

 With no R.A. present the weather was absolutely fabulous, a perfect night.

 Once assembled and the social intercourse concluded, the guest hare Mohammed El Flas-Her welcomed everyone to the Gold Coast Knitting Circle H3 “replacement” run and especially to our visiting hasher “Pear Shaped” all the way from Canada.

 The Paris HHH also joined us for a drink and a run. Great bunch of Hashers, all enjoyed a few drinks and a few laughs.

 The run directions were precise and the excitement grew as we were all promised a great and challenging run.

 Then at 1705 the large pack was off. Down passed the shopping centre still full of Xmas shoppers many of whom stopped and waved us on and shouted “Merry Xmas” to us, we all waved back and they loved it.

 Then we came across the first Check, was it left up the hill or across the road and into one of the many beautiful Helensvale Parks??

 A shout of “On On” was heard to come from a Hasher in the park so into the park it was. Several more Check-Backs kept most of the runners together, only a few falling behind.

 The run criss-crossed around many of the side streets and eventually all the pack were together again.

 Another check……this time it was up the hill or down the hill……most of the seasoned Hashers guest right…up the hill it was towards the water tanks.

 Along the rough path, passed the big water tank and then onto Tamworth Drive where we were greeted by a big friendly man who, fortunately, had an even friendlier German Shepherd dog…..the man, like the shoppers, wished us a Merry Xmas and gave us a wave and his dog wagged it’s tail….

 A bit of a slog down Tamworth for about a kilometre and then another Check. Again most Hashers picked it right….down into the scrub and into Dromana Court….again the locals shouting encouragement and wishing us Merry Xmas.

 From here we ended up on Discovery Drive and it was a nice and easy run back to the Pub, with just one detour passed the tennis courts and then it was time for a couple of cold beers!!

 After wiping off the sweat and applying some deodorant, beers flowed freely gratis of the hare. We had a surprise visit from one of the best known Gold Coast Soccer players which was very well received.

 Then our acting GM opened the circle by asking for a run report….”well marked, many arrows, interesting terrain and probably the run of the year!” came the response from the pack.

 Many great jokes, funny real life experiences and general good humour followed. There were no charges …and no rabble behaviour tonight!!

 We did however ice “Pull my Tit” from the Paris Hash. The Stand In GM presented him with a bottle of bubbles for being a good sport. A goodwill down down was also given to “I don’t believe this” for being a front running bastard.

 The GM announced the next run would be 24 December 2018 and closed the circle.

 The Helensvale Tavern Bar was full of friendly drinkers, all of whom made us feel very welcome and the eye candy fantastic, the feed of Lamb Shanks was delicious, almost as good as Freddies! The touring party couldn’t get over the high standard of food we all enjoyed.

 Wine flowed freely, kindly donated by the acting GM and then it was time for home. A great night, well attended and what a Hash run on Xmas Eve should be!

 On On

 Splinter Lunch Friday 28th December. 12:00 start Darcy Arms. Broadbeach. BYO wine

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