Run 1835

Run 1835
Date: 31st December, 2012
Hare: Circumference
Location: Boat Ramp on T E Peters Drive Broadbeach

What a lovely place to meet in the afternoon as the sun sets, made more interesting with several ladies present for this once-off event.

Circumference set a short and long run and we were off at 1705. The trail transgressed regular terrain, but on this day excitement was everywhere as restaurateurs prepared their alfresco surroundings for a big night, music eminating from several live bands along the trail and thousands of adults and children setting up their special eskys, bbqs and mats all over the main Broadbeach park for the fireworks that were to follow at 8 PM.
Several very effective checks held the group together but an easy run with Semen and Blackie sharing in most of the checking. Semen is very fit for an old salt but Happy Ending may have assisted in that regard. The home trail went through the Casino gardens and it was all over in about 35 mins.
Back at the On In Kitchen Bitch was up to his old tricks butchering a leg of ham with a pen knife or similar object until Caustic came to the rescue with something larger and sharper. It was a scrumptious presentation with dinner supplemented with fruits of various kinds; watermelon, rockmelon, cherries, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.
There was no circle but several comments on the run were sought. (Romeo) An excellent tour of Broadbeach like never before with dinner as good as any Christmas feast. (Shauna) Simulating walk with action everywhere and what a great feast. (Mrs. Veteran) The champagne was to die for. (Tracy) Unbelievable meal which made Caustic’s special Christmas lunch for 24 look like a dinner for the homeless.
As most had other activities to attend, the evening finished by 19:30.

Thanks Circumference for your effort which was very much appreciated by all who attended.
On On and Happy New Year to all.
Bent Banana

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