Run 1850

Run 1850
Date 15th April
Hare Ferret
Venue: Playing Fields, Ron Penhaligon Way, Robina
Weeks to the return of plain speech – 1
Once again the hordes had amassed at the venue (no one on holiday?) (or as Two Dogs suggested – the wives wanted them out of the house) in what were beautiful running conditions. (Although a storm was forecast. Again!) A few familiar faces from yesteryear were evident on what could only be described as a last ditch attempt to get the number of runs up to avoid them the solennial AGPU surcharge.
Standing squarely in front of his laurels, our hare Ferret, proudly proclaimed this as “My best run ever”. Who would have taken Ferret as an aretaloger? Unfortunately the collective experience felt the bar would not have to be lifted a great deal and feared the strong possibility of ending the evening famelicose.
Nonetheless, our amandation was instigated by Ferret and we embarked on what turned out to be a very pleasant circumbilivagination in and around the surrounding boscaresque neighbourhood s. Although it was lacking in bush or shaggy, the route was well marked with plenty of checks and never seemed to venture far from the starting point. The celeripedean amongst us leaped frog each other regularly with noticeable performances exhibited by Flasher, Blackie, Swollen Colon, Jigsaw and Elvis.
The vacimbulators were entertained by the extensive local knowledge of Sir Slab who managed, adlib, to intertwine the walkers with the runners at regular intervals.
Back at the venue old mates caught up with each other in a sodalitious manner whilst Ferret prepared to serve the foodstuffs. By prepared I mean, left it to Kitchen Bitch to complete buccellation. Dipping chips and dips were snacked on until the beef stew was served alongside sliced baguettes. Dessert was a lavishly prepared canned fruit with ice cream.
Much to Truck Tyres chagrin, the advertised prawns did not make an appearance.
The GM opened the circle explaining to all his anticipation of another Ferret F*ck-up but was pleasantly surprised with a good run, causing the interfation of “finally got it right after 40 years” from our professional heckler – Sir Prince.
Blackie was selected as the run agonarch and commented –“came expecting sh*t food and a sh*t run, well the food didn’t surprise”. Well marked run never far from home 7/10. Praise indeed.
Croc extolled the finer points of the guided tour down the “back alleyways” by Sir Slab, lovely 8/10.
Sir AH was asked about te nights feast, he replied”its been served has it? Couldn’t make out what it was, Chicken? (allegedly double A grade beef). Lacked a halatinous quality, decent effort 5.7 ½ as it all came from a tin. (An Aldi tin I feel).
Swollen Colon – Perth, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Mackay, shame about the final leg of the tour. Pressy for the GM 20,000 Dong. This led to comments such as “better than 37 cents from Shat” and “I bet it’s the biggest dong you’ve ever seen” (Elvis)
Elvis – famigerated regarding his Rio de Janero reckie, for a world cup trip at a 35 bedroom house, some believed these to be called brothels.
Flasher belatedly presented his returners gift with a with a fallaciloquence pertaining to an exploded cigar of both questionable lineage and value.
DD – to Josephine for suggesting Swollen as a source of Adobe Fireworks to Botcho. The drink was consumed to a twenty five gun salute of the real thing.
Shat praised Josephine for being the only GC hasher born on the GC, well that’s if you consider Toowoomba within the city limits.
The RA began his archiloguy with congratulations to our good friend Adam Scott for his win in Augusta, then asked Iceman to recount a particularly boring and pointless tale which in turn lead to a DD for Iceman due to his inappropriate mime skills on the journey down.
Swollen expressed his amarulence at Sir Rabbit for his disregards of found property, Jigsaw was charged with “putting every c*nt off their food”, courtesy of his yellow singlet and KB for mixing his ladies.
Iceman was asked to read a joke and struggled on some of the longer words but the general consensus was he could do that every week rather than bring his own.
Missing Link really will do anything for money, this week he is stripping for Sir Prince.
POW Now Loved in a “Bucanero” Cuban beer T-shirt suffered a little stage fright, selected all those on the Cuba trip who drank girls beers, then Hard On for catching a bus, KB for no eggs and finally Josephine for being rude to the walkers. Yes it was a very slow news week.
Josephine accepted the trophy with a rant directed at the walkers and adopted a sevidical tone towards Sir Slab, who looks to be preparing himself for the yard glass next week.
Sir Prince thanked Now Loved for his use of explicit medical terms in front of Hash ladies.
Don’t forget
Bike Ride 25th April
Nash Hash see the web
Nominations for the Hierarchy
Next week’s run – Iceman or was it Caustic at somewhere possibly Reedy Creek. It all seemed so vague.
End of circle by Josephine who enquired “I don’t have to have another drink do I?”
Thanks to Ferret for making the effort and especially for not having it in Miami.
On On
Hang on a Sec and artigrapher
Don’t believe a word of it.

P.S. Rug asked for a few new words. Enjoy

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  1. Ferrett

    Rectum the hash word is “SHIGGY ” not Shaggy

    please if you are going to be loquacious get it right…

  2. Croc


    You have utterly discombobulated me with your new found depths of journalism. I hope Rug is ecstatic.

    On On

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