Run 1852

Run 1852

Date    :           30th April 2013

Hare    :           Circumference and Now Loved – trail

Sir Prince Valiant and Kitchen Bitch – food

Venue :           Brisbane Nash Hash prelube at Elephant Rock, Currumbin

Runners         40ish

Weeks to a bloody good piss-up – 3.

After a drive of epic proportions I arrived at the venue to find a respectable number of hashers (both locals and visitors alike) gathered close to Elephant rock with the beautiful gold coast lights twinkling to the north of us.

Kitchen Bitch had firmly ensconced his position next to Sir Prince alongside our Trailer and both were hard at it, preparing the nosh.

Bent Banana welcomed one and all before leaving us to our hares for the evening, Now Loved and Circumference. We were sent on our way south running parallel to the shoreline with arrows, which seemed to be getting progressively further apart.

Checks regularly cropped up on the route, the second of which lead us up a seemingly endless set of stairs. We were sent left towards the wildlife sanctuary and left again back to the waterfront where the final check caught a few of us out, everyone else headed inland and began a climb which looked as though it would never end.

Once over the brow it was a short jog down hill to find we were back at our point of origin.

The food was well on its way, despite the large number, the cooks were coping more than adequately.

Subs paid and free drinks vouchers received, the conversations between old mates continued until food was served.

Surprisingly no starters, with the mains consisting of a mixed salad, bread buns, steaks, beetroot and onions. A tasty steak sanger so good a second had to follow.

Thanks to Sir Rabbit for hand picking the meat.

Dessert in the form of ice cream, cream and fruit salad followed and once polished off, the circle was called.

The hares were brought out for down downs and a selection of the visitors likewise. It looked like a badge collecting convention.

A speed drinking competition was introduced by the GM with several of the visiting competitors being nobbled with baby feeders.

Charges were asked for which lead to DD’s for the GM due to poor route instructions and Black Stump for cocking up the combined hash phone help line.

POW Rectum had little to say, citing KB for almost over cooking the steaks, Blackie for walking into the hash trailer but selecting Shat for his stylish bike fall last Thursday.

The GM asked several for speed charges (30 seconds or the DD was for them) and most were able to trump up a charge at short notice.

No one knew where next weeks run is, including the trail master.

Nash Hash prelube tonight at Pizzy Park, kick off at 4.30 but YOU MUST BE THERE TO REGISTER BEFORE 6PM. Cost is $30 and about 80 attendees expected.

Three jokes by (? Seen him before, but no idea of his name) all of a high standard and with great delivery. Iceman I hope you were taking notes.

End of circle by the one and only Moonbeams.

A big thanks to Circumference, Now Loved, Sir Rabbit and especially to Kitchen Bitch and Sir Prince Valliant for helping to make the night a success.

Apologies for the brevity but not a lot happened, I wanted to get this out for before tonight’s event and …………….I didn’t make any notes.

On On


Hang On a Sec

Don’t believe a word of it.

Congratulations to Sir Prince Valiant who celebrates his 35th  anniversary with Gold Coast Hash House harriers1/5/13. This dedicated Hash Man was on the very first run.



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