Run 1865

RUN 1865
Date :29/7/2013
Location: Helensvale
HARE: Botcho
Runners: 29

Once again we were honoured with an appearance by Cum Smoke. Good to see he brought his mate Big Unit!                                                                                                                                  The Big Unit chatting with Flasher….  I heard the BU complaining about a pain in the neck. No not Flasher just cause and effect from chatting with Flasher.Sorry Flasher but I am under strict instructions from Rectum to give you a special mention every week.

8 walkers and 18 runners hit the trail this week.In the absence of the GM the RA took on the self appointed joint role of GM/RA and called the circle in the Helensvale Tavern car park before dinner.

Flasher said it was a good run until he got lost. Iceman gave him instructions to follow him…. Big mistake. Botcho told a shaggy dog story about being chased by a dog while setting the run. There seemed to no real score but Ferret mumbled to the On Sec give him 4.77.

A DD to Josephine, Caustic and KB for email spam about a certain round ball match in Melbourne.

A minutes silence for Useless a past Hasher in the club who passed away recently. Ferret reported that Useless introduced him to Hash in Singapore where a week later Ferret met his future wife and Useless was best man at his wedding.


The athletes returning from a Peptide fuelled bike ride in the Phillipines were front and centre.

Ferret as the oldest took 1 for the team and got the DD.

Shat when asked to report on the trip said everybody behaved and they inspected a lot of Catholic Churches. Yeah right!

Sir Prince was awarded the “Plastic Plucked Chicken” to take to Myanmar as the stand in “Yellow Jersey”

Ferret called out Flasher for being a media tart for having his photo on the cover of the Hash Magazine.

Everybody then adjourned to the Tavern, selected a special person for a 2 for 1 meal to the delight of Moonbeams but the despair of Hash Cash.

That’s it for this week see you all next week.

PS Keep the emails about “Hash Shit” or bear the consequences in the circle!!


Blue Cards Lesson For The Week

Short Lesson On Towel Heads…
In these troubled times, it has become very difficult to distinguish the good towel-heads from the bad towel heads. Just where are the moderate Muslims, anyway? Do they actually exist?

The following is provided, to help you distinguish between a BAD “towel-head” and a GOOD “towel-head.” You must study the pictures carefully so that you will not confuse the two in a moment of indecision … It could save your life!
This is a bad towel headbc_2

and this is a








4 thoughts on “Run 1865

  1. Circumference

    Recently the RA got caught up on a stormy wet Friday night while driving back from Beaudesert and ended up driving into a Monastery looking for somewhere to shelter. Fortunately, he was just in time for dinner was treated to the best fish and chips he has ever had. After dinner, he went into the kitchen to thank the chef. He was met by two brothers who introduced themselves as Brother Rug and Brother Flasher. The RA then told them about two GC hashers with identical names. The RA then told them how good the fish and chips were. The RA then said – Out of curiosity, who cooked what ? “Well I’m the fish friar” said Brother Rug. The RA turned to the other brother and said ‘Then you must be…
    “Yes, I am the chip monk !” said Brother Flasher

  2. Rectum

    Thanks for explaining, so you can obviously tell a good towel head by the fact they are wearing sunglasses.

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