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  1. Botcho Post author

    Message from ex Grand Master, Bent Banana.
    I did send you a photo last week but I don’t think it went through.
    A message to the troops from ex GM:
    Life is tough here floating on the Danube River around the mountains in Austria, while slowly making and eating my way down hill through a system of locks. Beats jogging anywhere on the Gold Coast during winter and eating the average Hash nosh. And just to let you know that life is not too tough for me here, there is also free wine and free German beer for all boat guests. (I was very second hand the morning after boarding). Not getting much exercise, but the HHH cycling group would be proud to know their ex GM did bike it around Vienna yesterday. Have already visited France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria and later today it will be Budapest, Hungary. Will be back, very unfit, for Run 23July. On On, BB

    I think that he must have had a few extra wines while writing this!!! Look at the return date

  2. Circumference

    Those Pommy cricket administrators are not quite as boring as they portray themselves to be, in fact they are still quite switched on compared to Australian cricket authorities. If you carefully examine Carefree’s ticket from Lords, it mentions allowing them to bring a limited amount of alcohol into the Test. So you can imagine a lot of switched on Pommie cricket supporters would be dragging their non-drinking mates/partners along with them so as to max out out the total amount of alcohol they could legally bring in each day. Compare that to the Gabba where the Mexican wave is considered anti-social behaviour !

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