Run 1937

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Run: 1937


Location: Broadbeach

Hare: Hierarchy



The Christmas 2014 Run 1937


Pre lube Location: Homeless Shelter near Kurrawa Surf Club Broadbeach


The Start of the Run

45 excited Santa’s gathered under the Kurrawa Homeless Shelter to discuss the spread of goodwill toward all .The Santa’s , all proudly wearing their Christmas T -Shirts decorated with photos of their revered Hierarchy, quickly began to embrace the Christmas cheer.

4     5   6

Thanks to Booze Masters Slug and Rockhard for providing Ice cold Crownies and the pre lube snacks lovingly prepared by Hierarchy Hare Master VD.  

With the sounds of ringing bells from the leading Hash Santa’s Sir Rabbit and Sir AH the large group of excited Santa’s were let loose on Broadbeach. They were led out by the Grand Master KB who directed them towards the Oasis to bring Christmas cheer to all

From here on this meticulously planned and choreographed event could only go one way!!!

Yes…you guessed. A total debacle with a series of unplanned events guaranteed to create havoc amongst this fine group of revelers


The Goodwill Stops


The very noisy group we led by the very excited hare Sir Slab. This happy group of Santa’s Helpers dispensed Christmas gifts to all and sundry along the way through the Oasis Mall, a couple of refreshment stops, a slice of Pizza bread and onto the G Link train towards that mystery destination. Just follow the trail to the destination were the instructions.


The Venue – the Lull before the Storm

21  10  11

The last few months of preplanning by Hierarchy was coming to the proverbial head to make this another memorable Hierarchy event. Excellent effort by RA Caustic in setting up his office as the venue. The Hierarchy enjoyed a quite relaxing beer in RA Caustic’s offices as they discuss the venue preparation and fine tune the evening format.

More excitement as on arrival each GCHHH was given an expensive Christmas gift of a Beer Holder complete with Hierarchy Photos ..a real treasured memorial hash gift that no doubt will become a collectors item.

And then the party got going – FOS says it all with Hard On, Now Loved & Seedy


The Music Man Sir Rabbit


If only they would let me turn up the music!!



Dream On on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early in the Night

Once at the dinner venue, the beer and red wine flowed without restraint. All present were soon well oiled and eager for the party games planned by the GM.

As the night progressed so did the average alcohol level intake and the need to just wander around having a great time, becoming more and more under the weather and, well, obnoxious? There were mumbling, ‘He’s gotta go’.

For some reason Ferret was complaining about nothing happening and wanted to go home. Strange he decided to stay all night?? Show Pony & Moonbeams took up front row position so as not to miss any action while Blue Card, Rockhard and Now Loved received the Intensive care award for their ongoing thoughtful consideration all evening.
The Games

The Boat Race Team A & Team B


In all the excitement Flasher’s full beer went over the coach and judge Sir Slab.

Pin the Christmas Bauble on the Nipple


It was finally decided as an equal tie with all winners receiving a fine bottle of red wine.

As the Evening Progressed

18  19

20 21 22 23

Report from Capri on Via Roma:

It appears that last night just before 10pm the Centre Manager went out to lock-up the centre and he saw 3 men having a chat next to the bench seat near the main entrance. They continued to talk all the way along to the Post Office. One man was seen rapidly moving his arms trying to scratch his very sore and itchy back after recent major back surgery. Two others were trying to assist him but he wanted to scratch his own back as it was very sore so he asked them to leave him alone so he could personally scratch his own back.

The Centre Manager mistakenly for some reason interpreted the man’s behaviour towards those who were assisting him as aggressive and obnoxious behaviour. The Centre Manager then phoned the police and he gave them his interpretation of the situation. The Centre Manager then phoned security to let them know that police had been notified and were on their way.

There apparently was a staff and client Christmas party up on level 2 building 1. It appears that a couple of men may have possibly come downstairs as one of them was not feeling well during the party because of pain from recent major surgery on his back. The large elastoplast dressings on his back were becoming very sore and itchy on the wounds giving the impression that he was exhibiting aggressive behaviour.

The other 2 men then left the injured man in the car park and he was noticed staggering around possibly from the combined effects of drug medication and possibly alcohol. He apparently was walking in front of cars that were leaving the centre and was seen talking loudly to other people leaving through the car park. The police arrived and they approached him and asked him for identification and he spoke loudly to the female and male officers who then handcuffed him and arrested him. We suspect he has a hearing problem that causes him to speak loudly.

The police did call up to the Staff and Client Christmas party asking:
“Did anyone here witness a person being ejected and roughed up?’  “all present answered Nooooo.”  

‘Was anyone here involved?’  “again all present answered Nooooo.” …  

Shat very concerned asked one of the police, a policewoman, where is the guy now.  ‘In custody’, she replied.  Hhhmmmnnn

Report from inside the Staff party by an Unbiased GCHHH Observer:

At around 10pm a trigger finger point was moving towards an inevitable conclusion. Four of the GCHHH including Head Job & Missing Link assisted Big O down the stairway as he wanted to get out into the fresh air.  BIG O was in severe back pain as he was lashing out trying to scratch his back, struggling, kicking as they tried to help through the door and guide him downstairs.

One report was heard “I didn’t see what happened downstairs, though I’m told one of our blokes, Lurch, a giant of a man, slipped on the steps and fell on top of him and this temporarily pinned him down.

Anyway, the helpers all returned to the party and all returned to normal … until the police arrived.  Someone in the restaurant below had called the police about a man being in severe pain. We gather that when the police arrived at the party scene they found BIG O was in an unintelligible state and in agony. The police misinterpreted that he had assaulted some of those that assisted him.  The police then came upstairs and confronted the group.
Report Direct from Big O on events at Capri on Via Roma:

Yeah!!   Yeah!!   Yeah!! As he burst into happy song at the first drink stop: ‘My boomerang won’t come back, my boomerang won’t come back …’

Little did we know the pain he was in? To cheer him up Shat had invited Big O to the annual Gold Coast HHH Christmas Run, with everyone wearing Santa t-shirts & Santa caps.

What a brave soul is BIG O as the pathological check of the huge lumps surgically cut from near his spine showed it is very aggressive growth and they didn’t get it all. He was temporarily stitched up and has been called back for further intensive surgical procedures next year as they can’t fit him in this side of Christmas so just filled him up on strong medication.

To correct the course of events as above when the police came they were seeking the person(s) who BIG O had allegedly assaulted (not the other way round as was initially thought). It appeared BIG O may have mistakenly been seen as taking a swing at the police while trying to scratch his itchy painful back as he was heard howling in pain.

Big O advises that the police handcuffed him and he spent the night in the Southport lockup. He said they hurt the stitches in his back where he had the surgery, which caused him to resist arrest as he was in agony with the pain so on.  He is now obtaining a doctor’s report, including the effect alcohol has on the medication he was taking when this incident occurred.

He is charged with causing a public nuisance and is to appear in court on 13 January. It does appear from all reports he was in severe pain and heavily medicated so no doubt he will plead temporary insanity and hopefully get the charge against him dismissed.

The Aftermath Report by Caustic

The Centre Manager has kindly forwarded to RA Caustic the enclosed photos showing unauthorised setting up of a BBQ and the damaging of private property.

The Centre Manager also alleges he was personally pushed and assaulted by attendees at the Staff and Client Christmas Party when he making my way downstairs to go home last night. Did anyone notice this alleged event?

The Centre Manager also alleges he was further abused when he asked the BBQ personnel what was going on. Again did anyone witness this alleged event?

The Centre Manager advised to have also received phones calls from various people complaining about actions last night and this morning at the Staff and Client Christmas party. Can anyone assist us with information about any actions last night?

The Centre Manager respectfully reminded RA Caustic that Capri on Via Roma is private property and the absolute least he should have done is to advise management of our planned activities and invited him.

The Centre Manager advised that he will be sending RA Caustic a bill for the costs incurred in cleaning up the site and for his time dealing with this matter as well as Personal Damages for Loss of Face in not receiving an invitation to the best Staff and Client Christmas Party so far this year at Capri on Via Roma.

27 25 26 28 24

Well done to the GM and the Hierarchy for another high quality Hash event planned to perfection.


……………………………………10.30 pm END OF Party


Next Monday Run By Sir AH

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