Run 1962

Date: 8/06/2015

Location: Gilston

Hares: Blackstump

Runners: 24 + 11 lovely ladies

Hash Words for run 1962

The Preamble:

The passing of an era…the sale of the Ponderosa…the downsizing of Blackstump…the beginning of the reign of the new hierarchy…the presence of partners…what else can be said about the run on Monday 8th June 2015 which was advertised as “Blackie’s birthday run”…and it’s not even Blackie’s birthday for another three weeks!

The day started at 1.00pm out near the Ponderosa stables at the rear of the property where the trusty trailer had been parked and the tables and chairs all set out in orderly fashion befitting the manicured state of Blackie and Helen’s lovely property.

The crowd was welcomed by our new GM, Rug (I’m not wearing all that GM shit this week!), and a run description was provided by Blackie, who assured us that the only reason he was not going to send us off on a river crossing was the fact that the Hinze dam was at full capacity and that the crossing might be “a bit too dangerous for you blokes – you might all get washed away (he said with a twinkle of his only eye)”. Off into the bush we were about to set when who should come waltzing down the driveway but Iceman and his entourage…no less than 15 minutes late and with no excuse to offer other than the early onset of dementia. After an appropriate dressing down, the rabble, including Iceman, set off down into the bush. The walkers set off in the direction of the street on what was described as a “4 km walk”, half of that consisting of the return trip up and down Blackie’s driveway.

The run:

The run consisted of a decent amount of bush and was well marked with toilet paper and flour and the street bits were well marked with chalk… tricks here, Blackie is a man of utmost integrity and would never consider nasty tricks like false trails with up to thirteen arrows before an on-back!

We all figured early on that we had a live hare in our midst who very kindly crossed out the false trails at the checks…..well done Blackie…it kept the run down to a respectable 6.9km. We were accompanied by one girl runner…Mrs Latrine’s niece from the Phillipines, Joy, who kept up a fairly hefty pace and also succeeded in keeping down the amount of swearing and profanity amongst the runners. Those of us with any brains at all made sure that we stayed behind Blackie so that we didn’t waste time nor energy in going down false trails.

The relief that has obviously come with stepping down from the onerous task of GM meant that…and yes, you are about to read this, unbelievable as it may seem….Kitchen Bitch actually ran the run (well, sort of!)….that’s until he decided, along with Mme Latrine and several others, to shortcut the run by about four kilometres… .not with standing the cheating, welcome to the ranks of the runners KB!!

In usual style Flasher ran his own run, disappearing off up the hill towards Carrara when the rest of us, led by our live hare, actually followed the arrows and went off through more side streets and into more bush…and no Flasher, that’s bullshit, there were no arrows leading up the hill and if you saw paper, it was bloody litter, not trail markings!! Definitely a man well on the way to the locked dementia ward if he keeps up these antics!

In all, a great final run from the Ponderosa and enjoyed by all!

The Nosh and circle:

The Nosh consisted of entrée of nibbles, with the main course being bbq’d steak and sausages with coleslaw and salad and dessert of ice cream and diced fruit…a great feed and a great start to the “back to basics” year with your new hierarchy. This will be a year of good running, good wholesome but basic food, good mateship and good cheer…no way can we outdo the lavish treats put on by the outgoing committee so the only way to stand out is to be different…more news on that following our inaugural hierarchy meeting this week!

Circle was a subdued affair for your new GM as it was mixed company, although our wives all have a pretty good idea of how stupid we sometimes get (they only have to look at the pictures on our website!). Let it be known though that the Royal Fatwah declared by the outgoing committee banning icings has been lifted by your new GM and they will occur in the near future, but unlike last year, only when truly deserved!

It was a refreshing change to have the ladies present….and praise must go to Freddie (Mrs Slab) for riding her bicycle all the way out to Gilston from Mermaid Waters…a grand effort and obviously she’s starting the training early for the 2000th run to Boonah that her worse half is organising for us all next year.

Sir Prince, you did a sterling job as Hash Cash, of course with the calm guidance of your predecessor SS by your side.

Jigsaw, you have slotted straight into the job of Hash Flash, going around the crowd, ensuring that there were happy snaps of all of us.

Blackie…thank you for your kind offer of donating half of your entitlement to Nosh payment back to the Hash…we need to build up the coffers after being left with $6.34 (and a lot of booze) by the outgoing committee.

Brewtus and guys have stepped up to the plate of boozemasters brilliantly…and nice to see you all done up to the nine’s with your formal jacket on Weekly!

Circle ended with the usual refrain from Moonbeams…”end of circle!!”

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