Run 1973

Date: 24/8/2015

Location: Tugun

Hare: Now Loved & Moonbeams

       Runners: 27

1973 cartoon_2

 The Run (run write up courtesy Bent Banana)…..

Following hare Now Loved’s clear instructions, about 26 apprehensive hounds headed east out the park and quickly turned left, then west up the road to the hills and bush in the distance. It was up and up and up, with youngsters Rug and Dogs leading the pack and the more elderly Botcho & Flasher close behind.

It was then a sharp right turn along a private resident’s side yard and into open grasslands. The trail eventually led on to a smart check, with the FRBs following the obvious path, which lead to a long check back and achieved its purpose by getting the pack together again.

There were several more checks along what was an interesting and well marked trail through the bush. It was eventually down some steps and on to the bitumen road, followed by another steep hill then a fast jog home, with young Brewtus leading the way. It was a quick and short run and the general feeling was the Hare could have taken advantage of the bushlands and extended the run to more than its 30 mins.

 The On On (write up courtesy fill in Scribe, Moonbeams) …..

Following the previous week’s On On in the dark, chair-less, table-less confines of the Southport dog park, the pack appeared pleased to see the welcoming lights of the trailer and the chairs and tables laid out ready well in advance. There was also a pleasant aroma emanating from the large pot that Moonbeams was reheating on the gas ring.

After the mandatory pre dinner drinks provided icy cold by our trusty and reliable booze masters Weekly and Brewtus,

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the pack soon lined up and were served a traditional spicy beef curry prepared by Moonbeams embellished with salads of various varieties, steamed rice and Turkish bread. This was followed by Tugun airport themed “Aeroplane” jelly and ice cream provided by Now Loved.

Altogether great nosh was the general consensus. The GM noted “A lot of TLC went into making that curry. It is definitely food to die for.”

 The Circle ……

The hares were offered a down down each and also Blackie was called into the centre for running his own run well away from the marked trail. He was heard mumbling something about having to keep himself safe for his next world senior’s triathlon event that is coming up soon.

Bent Banana’s run comment was that the run was good and well set albeit far too short (well inside the allotted 60 minutes.) Fulla Shite gave the thumbs on behalf of the walkers as well.

The visitors were called into the circle by GM Rug and they included Moonshine (son of Moonbeams, visiting from Sydney), Colonel Klink (brother of the Missing Link). Also called in were Ex GM KB and ex RA Caustic who unashamedly announced that his excuse for not attending the previous week was because he was setting up a new southern chapter of the Gourmet hash.

RA two Dogs then took over from the GM with the news that 10% (or in numerical numbers, three) of the GCH3 were cheating on their wives, and who are you? Josephine was nominated as a likely culprit and was offersed a down down in reparation for his sins.

Truckie was hauled in and asked why the trailer was not on hand the previous week. His explanation of a sheared pin was not readily accepted by Blackie who noted that this section of the trailer should last a lifetime. True, but there is always the Truckie factor. Sir Prince reprimanded Truckie and noted that he had gone within an inch of losing his job of looking after the trailer on behalf of holidaying hierarchy members Link and Aussie.

POTW holder Flasher announced that he had just 2 candidates, Caustic and Josephine. Josephine was announced the winner but it was a close decision. Flasher then had to drink a down down for saying the “C” word in front of Cappa (Botcho’s wife who was giving him a lift home) at the previous Friday’s Splinter lunch. Very poor form, Flasher. It was also announced by Flasher that Pizza has asked to be taken off the GCH3 list of members. All in favour: Aye. Action: Botcho.

Acting trail master Jigsaw called for volunteers for next week’s hare. An anonymous hound commented “Would it be asking too much for the current Committee to step up and fill in for once?”

The Useless shirt was awarded to Blackie for being so precious as to run his own “safe” run instead of following trail.

Chief booze master Weekly complained that his income stream from booze sales was below expectations and that the culprit/s better fix it up (or else, and we know who you are).

Moonbeams called “End of Circle.” Me thinks a pretty good night was had by all.

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