Run 1974

Date: 31/8/2015

Location: Surfers Paradise

Hare: Missing Link & The wobblys


1974 cartoon_2

Tonight’s run was in totally virgin territory, starting from Cascade Gardens on the Gold Coast Highway, a location from which we had never run before….ha ha ha ha!!!…only kidding guys!!! In actual fact, this is one of our more familiar “city runs” and as promised by our hare, Missing Link, “this is mostly on the street guys, with just a little bit of park down through Cascade Gardens”. Given that Missing Link had come back from Thailand just to be able to do this run for us, who were we to complain?? Besides, it also meant that some of us could actually walk to the run site from home and not worry about how much we drank tonight…you bewdie!!!!

The Run:

At 6.15 on the button, we all set off, runners and walkers alike. The walkers were spoilt tonight, with the option of three runs, depending on ow far they wanted to go…. “walk 1 is up in that direction to the tavern at Crowne Plaza, if you want to walk a bit longer, no.2 is to the Broadbeach Bowls Club and if you really want a decent walk, no.3 is to the Kurruwa Surf Club!!”. The runners set off in a northerly direction through Cascade Gardens, then east, then west, then south, zig-zagging every which way through the gardens and of course, being familiar territory, most of the runners knew where to shortcut to avoid the wiggly bits, but your trusty scribe decided that he would stick with the hare and followed all the arrows! Finally out we emerged onto the Gold Coast Highway after what seemed like an eternity running the paths of Cascade Gardens. Lurch, who was running with yours truly and Missing Link, asked how far away from the start we were now and Missing Link said “oh, about 400 metres, if that!!”….gotta love these city runs!!

Off we went around the back of the Convention Centre, past the casino, up Bermuda Street, right at which point Missing Link said “there’s a few twists and turns up and down a few of those streets, but we might as well go straight up” due to the fact that yours truly had to walk a fair bit due to a dodgy leg muscle and Missing Link taking consideration of this handicap. Pretty soon we were back at the start, being some of the last to come in!! There certainly must have been a lot of shortcutting going on!!.This was confirmed by Botcho…”I did a bit of a shortcut towards the end”… did everybody else from the size of the early-arrival crowd!

The Nosh:

The nosh tonight was courtesy of the Warriors Premier Cycling Troupe, specifically Jigsaw, BlueCard and VD with assistance from Phantom who provided the exquisite fresh bread with lashings of butter! Great effort guys, with entrée of pumpkin soup, mains of pasta with seafood bisque and dessert of fruit salad with plain custard or a lovely brandy custard. Everybody was so busy hoeing into the food that not a whisper was heard from anybody for a really long time…Botcho accurately observed that “it’s all quiet now that the nose bag has gone on!!” and of course Missing Link piped up with one of my favourite sayings..”this is what we came here for!!”…indeed!

 The Circle:

The circle was around the Rotary circle, which made it easy for the motley group to stay in a circle! The GM was announced by the RA to be missing in action somewhere overseas…probably a special assignment for the secret service, but we’ll never know, will we??

First out the front was Missing Link to be commended for his run and walk…”a good walk” commented Weekly and “a good run” commented Iceman…gee, we’re all getting imaginative in our old age!

The three chefs and the bread butterer were all called out the front for a down-down..well done Jigsaw, BlueCard, VD and Phantom…just shows how the well-oiled Warrior machine can work!

Next out the front were our returning runners…Latrine, Ferrett and Swindler…Latrine has been everywhere except here, Ferrett has been on some strange car rally out the back of nowhere and Swindler has been in Java doing some volcano-watching at very close range. Missing Link was also called out again and suitably commended for making the effort to come back from Thailand to set this run

At this point, the Acting GM handed proceedings over to himself in his normal role of RA…and immediately called Colonel Klink out on a charge…for wearing a poofter scarf, which could be mistaken for a Khmer Rouge scarf or one of the Hash’s missing tea towels.

Next to suffer a charge were Botcho, Flasher and Jigsaw for blatant shortcutting…quite frankly I think the whole motley crew should have been out the front..surely everyone did some shortcutting tonight!!

Phantom called to the front to describe an incident where he was out riding peacefully on his bicycle when some “old bloke” in a 4wd suddenly started tooting at him…apparently Phantom “went off like a cracker” with abuse, only to find that it was none other than Truckie in the 4wd!! Oh dear…poor old Truckie gets called out the front for yet another down-down!

Ferrett’s frivolous charge against Circumference for some vague “parking infringement” was resoundingly rejected by the crowd so Ferrett had to take the down-down..hahaha!!

The Useless Shirt was passed tonight from Blackie to Brewtus who in fact is one of the more useful members of our hash…geez, let’s not upset him too much…the minute we give the youngsters a bit of stick they seem to disappear off the planet!!

Maggs, a foundation member who now runs a motel in Narranderra NSW was called out on a charge for whingeing about the cask wine.

Blackie gets our good wishes for the World Veterans’ Triathlon in Chicago..good luck!

Missing Link called out the front YET again..this time for letting his brother Colonel Klink have his mobile phone which was then used for the purpose of harassing Sir Prince Valiant.

The Prick of the Week was happlly passed from Josephine to Jigsaw, for the offence of switching plaques on the “worst run of the year” trophy to the “best run of the year” trophy…truly abhorrent compared to the antics of the other two contenders, Bent Banana and Shat.

A special thanks for Moonbeams from yours truly for doing the words last week when I was absent in Melbourne.

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