Run 1987

Date: 30/11/5015

Run: 1987

Location: Ormeau

Hare: Sir Slab


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Tonight’s run was the annual SEQ joint GC/Brisbane “I don’t go that far for my holidays” run, held in the upper reaches of the Gold Coast with the boys from the Brisbane Hash. You could tell it was a far away run…there were absences in droves from amongst our ranks, even from the “Northern Alliance” who always whinge about having to travel to the southern (well really it’s the central) part of the coast for many of our runs. Good to see a few of them here though, such as Showpony and Flasher. Nice also to see the return of BlueCard and Hard-On back into the fold, having now recovered from their exploits in Burma.

The run commenced from the carpark of the Norfolk Tavern and Slab’s instructions were absolutely spot on last week… “just go up the M1, take exit 41, first left at the roundabout and at the next roundabout turn right and you’re there”…simple!

Before the run we all made our way into the pub to pre-order our meals, with the younger hashers borrowing seniors cards from the more geriatric of our group to get the special “senior’s meals” for only $13.00!!

The run:

The hares tonight were Sir Slab, Anchovy and Vaso and Sir Slab swept the course, making sure we all stayed on trail. At commencement we were all assured that the run was a maximum of 6.5km and the walk about 3 km, with the latter prompting a response from Showpony… “fuck that for a joke…I’m walking around the block and back into the pub…it’s air-conditioned in there!”.

In the blistering heat which often lingers well into the evening in those parts of the Gold Coast that are away from the ocean, off we headed to the cries of “on, on” onto well marked streets and soon found ourselves in bushland which so far has not succumbed to the bulldozers of the developers. Around houses, through creeks, over culverts, over logs we all went, doing regroups at several of the checks before getting to the official regroup about 4km into the run…I am sure that I wasn’t the only one who hoped there was a chilly bin full of beer at the regroup but it wasn’t to be….bugger it!! To the tune of “Rule Britannia” with a Hash adaption, off we all headed from the regroup to the rhythm of constant huffing and puffing down the last leg of the run. Damn!!…..some of those Brisbane bastards are fit!!!

We eventually all made it back to the carpark where our trusty booze-master, Weekly (no, he didn’t defect back to Rotary… “they probably wouldn’t have me back after the debauchery I’ve been involved in with the Hash!”), had the chilly bins out and ready to be of service to all the Brisbane pisspots, who apparently swelled our coffers beyond anything that we would normally do…onya boys!!…run hard, drink hard!!

The Nosh:

 This is an easy write-up….it was a pub run so the nosh was whatever we ordered from the bistro…and the steaks looked fish and chips was certainly a great meal and terrific value for $13.00…highly recommended venue for any joint runs with the Brisbane lads! To those of you who weren’t there….you missed a great nosh!!

The Circle:

Circle started with our acting GM (hurry the fuck up and come and do your job Rug!!) Sir Prince Valiant welcoming all of the Brisbane guys…(what about us from the Goldie??? We had to drive just as far!!).

Vaso and Anchovy were first out for a down-down for trying to mow Rectum’s grass with Susanna when she got back to Australia…what a hide!!…who would invite such a lovely lass onto a boat for funny business!!!

Truckie was called out the front (yet again!) for his antics in the Philippines…enough said!….same for your truly…again, enough said…and I make no apologies SPV!!

Vaso called out the front by Shat for leaving his undies and toothbrush at Shat Manor when getting ready for going to the Brisbane Grand Masters lunch.

Mme Latrine then made a grand entrance to the middle of the circle to present the Prick of the Week…a very erudite and entertaining rant!!!…three contenders were paraded….Slab, Truckie and Fullershit…with the former two being eliminated and Fullershit being awarded the POW for being kicked out of the Philippines and not making it past the airport arrivals lounge!! Poor bastard!!…You missed a great trip!!


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