Run 1986

Date: 23/11/5015

Run: 1986

Location: Bundall

Hare: Phantom


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Tonight’s run was held in the wild depths of that suburb where murders take place, where people are attacked in the street, where residents live their lives barricaded behind fortified walls….yes, none other than downtown Sorrento…with that nefarious and rarely seen creature of the night being your hare….the Phantom!!

The run:

“It’s only a short run tonight fellas…about 4km…and the markings are in chalk and flour…international standard markings they are too!” proclaimed our hare at exactly 6.15pm as we all headed off into the depths of danger….. ”oh, and for those of you who stay on trail…there’s a treat…a drinkstop!”

Into Argyle Street we headed and then at the intersection with Campbell Street, we all headed north, following the arrows diligently….a large breakaway pack of runners were seen to be heading on up towards Ashmore Road, led confidently by Sir Two Dogs and other lean, mean running machines……and clearly ignoring the checkpoint which was marked not with the regulation circle, but rather with a large “X” and which very cleverly sent those of us who were paying attention back down in a southerly direction down Campbell Street! Tricky, Phantom…very tricky!!

From there on, in and out of side streets we zigged and zagged!…taking in the sights of downtown Sorrento…at one point coming across a pretty, long-haired jogger, whom we proceeded to pursue for about two kilometres until she peeled off into a cul-de-sac to go home! From that point it wasn’t long until we got to the drinkstop, very kindly manned by Phantom’s brother and son…thanks guys…welcome relief on a hot night!

After the drink stop it was back up along Campbell Street and back to Maison-du-Phantom for the celebrations. In all, a fairly predictable suburban run but a welcome relief after the torture-trail that was the Nerang Forest last week!

The walkers were seen to be strolling here, there and everywhere, and by all accounts had a pleasant and convivial stroll.

Extra-ordinary Heirarchy business:

 A short meeting was held tonight of three members of hierarchy, constituting a quorum and it has been decided that as Aussie has left Hierarchy, we needed somebody who was willing to organise the Christmas function and other such events for the remainder of our tenure as Hierarchy so it has been decided that NASTY is now on Hierarchy and has the official title of “Under Assistant Deputy Director for Cost Reduction of Activities and Piss”…or simply “Minister for CRAP….phew!! That solves the issue of who is doing all the work in organising the Christmas function!!

The Nosh:

 I know I keep saying it, but yet again it was demonstrated that simple is often best….this week we started off with sausage bites with sauce…and…wait for it….party pies!!!!!!

Mains then consisted of pasta with Bolognese and a very tasty Chow Mein…must have all been good because there was none left of the Bolognese when I went up for seconds!! Dessert was a nice assortment of sliced cake…the moist almond cake was definitely the best!!…it was all low-carb wasn’t it???…oh well, it is almost Christmas!!

Oh, an added treat tonight…BIRTHDAY BEERS from Brewtus, our sole boozemaster tonight (please don’t tell me that Weekly has gone back to Rotary after being called a fatso by Sir Blackstump last week!!). Happy birthday for last week Brewtus..hic! burp!

The Circle:

A big welcome back to Seedy and the returnees from the Philippines and Burma…there are still some stragglers out there somewhere, but good to see you’re all back safely.

Our acting GM, Sir Prince Valiant firstly commended Phantom on the complexity of the run tonight…a run described quite aptly by Miscarriage…. “there was some chalk, but not much…but fuck the run, a lot of us headed off up to Allawah Street to see if there’s been any more stabbings!”

The Nosh was described by Rock Hard as “quite flavoursome” and Phantom proclaimed that “the green stuff was all healthy shit!”.

Truckie was called out the front to answer for the debacle in Burma…to which he replied “Caustic and Flasher are full of shit…I did NOT lose my wallet, I did not lose my money and I did not lose all of my credit cards!!”..oh well, why break with tradition…he got a down-down anyway.

Yours truly was called out for a down-down for stealing Sir Prince Valiant’s splinter lunch guest in Boracay, despite the fact that I saved him from having to pay for her lunch!!

Truckie was called out again for a second down-down for losing his cool in Thailand, falsely accusing a local of stealing his bag when all the time it was tied to his seat on the bus! Ohhh, and what about accusing somebody of stealing his book when all the time it was tucked under his arm??? Gotta love Truckie’s style!!

Next victim in circle…..Swindler out for a down-down for not bringing along a keg of “Swindler Beer”, now apparently available at Dan Murphy’s!! Swindler was followed shortly by Sir Slabb to cop a down-down and answer for his two prangs in the Philippines…neither of which were his fault…LMFAO!!!

The Hobbit…aka Miscarriage was called out the front by SPV to receive a gift from the Philippines…a T-Shirt from the Hobbit House restaurant/bar. He seemed touched by this kind gesture.

Finally, out the front came Brewtus for a well deserved “Hashy Birthday” recital and a thank-you for the birthday beers, which this time were “Tigers” rather than “Crownies”.

With that…thanks Josephine… “end of circle!!”

Next week’s run…a combined run with the Brisbane Hash….from the NORFOLK TAVERN somewhere in the upper northern reaches of the Gold Coast…details on the website guys!

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