Run 1992

Run 1992

Run: 1992

Date: 4-01-2016

Location: Paradise Point

Hares: Iceman

Runners: 29

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! Hope you all had a great break over the Christmas/New Year period and I expect that we are all ready to get back into some serious Hashing this year once again brought to you by your dedicated BTB Hierarchy (that’s “Back To Basics” guys, in case you didn’t already know!!). Tonight’s inaugural run of the year was brought to you by none other than Iceman, doing the whole lot on his own; that’s the run preparation and the nosh…a mighty fine effort there Iceman!

The Run:

We all gathered at the usual Paradise Point meeting place at the southern end of the park at the barbeque shelter and as the time for the run approached, out comes Sir Slab with two plastic containers of gingerbread men, lovingly prepared by Mrs Slab (Freddie) and which we all devoured to give us the requisite sugar hit necessary for the arduous run that lay ahead.

The run description from Iceman consisted of “you head up that way, follow the arrows and it goes in an anti-clockwise direction…it’s not too long and no, it doesn’t go through the Pine Ridge Conservation Park!!”…the latter bit of information being a relief as none of us had any desire to wade through waist-high water the way we did last time we ran from this location and when Flasher set the run.

Yours truly started off with all good intentions of doing the whole run, but after about 500 metres thought better of it and myself, Circumference and Sir Prince did our own “walk/jog”, following arrows until we lost the trail and then we meandered home. From the crowd that was already back at base camp when we got there, it was obvious that many of us decided to ease into the new year very gently!!  Of course there are the die-hards who haven’t let their fitness slip and they came in huffing, puffing and sweating quite some time later…well done Flasher, Miscarriage, Botcho, Rug and the others who took it somewhat seriously. I am reliably told that the walkers did about four laps of the barbeque shelter, caught their breath and sat down to get into the beers and the gingerbread men supplied by Sir Slab. I guess they did have a good excuse as it did start to rain shortly after we had all set off.

The Nosh:

Iceman, you are definitely in the running for “nosh of the year”, but then again it was the first of many to come!! In fine BTB fashion (kindly refer above for the meaning of the acronym), starters were several packs of assorted corn chips and dips and salsas…a fine start to any meal and there were certainly no complaints about it. See…you don’t have to do too much to impress this fine gathering of hashers!!

The mains was a mixture of bread rolls with lashings of butter, copious amounts of healthy salads (one of us was heard to mutter whilst waiting in line “I ain’t having any of that healthy green shit!”) and first-grade sliced ham with several varieties of garnishes available, including hot English mustard.  Many of us went back for seconds and at the end of the night, when Iceman announced that there was much ham left over and that we should take it home, like bees around a honeypot several hashers pounced with their pieces of foil at the ready, grabbing great quantities of sliced ham to take home. It was interesting to note that it was the more well-to-do hashers who participated in this mad feeding frenzy…maybe that is why they are well off…scrimp and save and live on left-overs…that would be right!!!

Dessert…another BTB classic…ice cream cones, plain vanilla ice cream, choc chips, hundreds and thousands and a fresh strawberry for each cone…a classic!!!! Elvis went back for thirds but found that by that time it had all been packed up!!

The Circle:

Some “thank you’s” at the start of circle…firstly, Sir Slab for the gingerbread men….as previously mentioned, they went down a treat. Secondly, a BIG thankyou to our new permanent member from Darwin, Sorry, for fixing our generator…he had to take it to bits to be able to replace a $5.00 part in it…the pull-cord. Thankfully he is fully trained in Honda engines, having been apprenticed to his father in Darwin! Brilliant effort Sorry, thank you!!

Next was an apology from Moonbeams…seems that he has fallen off his bike and has now “taken a bad turn”…sorry to hear this and hope you up and at it again soon. Sir Blackstump responded to this news with “don’t let him die!!! If he does it means I’m next oldest here and next in line..please don’t let him die!!”.

Truckie was asked to comment on the Nosh… “well, the hot English mustard sure cleaned the nostrils out!”

 It was announced that our newest hashman, son of Brewtus has finally been named…can you believe that it’s Harry William!!! Very royal flavour Brewtus….congratulations to you and Mrs Brewtus.

We then moved on the RA’s spot and Sir Two Dogs showed no mercy…firstly having a go at the gathering in general for all the 5 and 10 cent coins in the booze bucket…”who the fuck pays for a $3 beer with 5 cent coins???”….of course the answer is quite obvious..Flasher!!!

On the subject of Flasher, out the front he came for a down-down for the stupid email he sent (well, I thought it was funny!).

Jigsaw was the next victim for a down-down, for having buggered his knees quite severely due to the fact he now rides with cleats on his bike and forgot that you have to actually get at least one foot out of them when you come to a stop!!

VD was also brought out the front for his dicky knees which are no longer dicky…congrats on a good recovery and welcome back VD…sorry that you will be disappearing soon to Tassie to escape our awful humidity for a while.

Sir Slab came out the front to give a down-down to our infrequent runner Opium…who only runs with us when we set a run outside his house!! Welcome Opium!!

Truckie again was called out the front to account for another “lost wallet incident”…this time it was left somewhere in the Hunter Valley…he protested vigorously against this charge… “it wasn’t like you say RA, it’s all bullshit…you don’t know half the story!”…the point is there is ALWAYS a story when it comes to Truckie…thanks for making it fun mate!!

Finally…of course, Miscarriage had to have a bit of a rant and ridicule someone…poor Bluecard….apparently has a similar action when tackling an ice-cream cone as does the “watermelon boy” at the cricket…pull it up on’s gone viral apparently…and the final final word also from the absence of Moonbeams and Josephine…”end of circle”!!

That’s it for this week guys…welcome to 2016!

Fanny Charmer

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