Run 1998

Run 1998

Run: 1998

Date: 15/02/2016

Location: Chevron Island

Hares:Swindler & Team

Hashers: 26

“This run is, I guarantee you, all new territory, you blokes!”….thus proclaimed our hare for tonight, Swindler, as we all gathered outside Chateau Swindler on Chevron Island…just goes to show that the old adage is true…how can you tell if a lawyer is lying??….answer…..his lips are moving!!!  And with those comforting words, off we headed in dribs and drabs down Stanhill Drive, off into the wilds of the Chevron jungle.  Many of us, including yours truly, considered that it had been a stinker of a day and thus we decided to simply have a nice old walk instead of exerting ourselves too much in the heat….and some who normally walk decided that it was too hot for that and decided to stay on the terrace of Chateau Swindler and simply take in the million dollar views and enjoy a quiet beer or three whilst the rest of us were out pounding the pavement in the new territory.

The run:

As described above, this was a run in the “new territory” of Chevron Island and Surfers Paradise….and as we strolled along, there were occasional glimpses of runners such as Rug, Flasher and Miscarriage, with the latter seemingly having no idea where the run was supposed to go and appearing to be running aimlessly in circles, circumnavigating the groups of walkers several  times…oh well, at least he built up a sweat!

There was a vague assurance at the run briefing that there was a drink stop along the way and we walkers attempted to make a bee-line for it, assuming that it was probably going to be at the new Shat-House Manor, but no, all we found there was a tradie coming out of the house. When we enquired as to what he’d been doing, we were told that Shat was having the wall in the lounge painted to match the speaker grilles on his hi-fi!!! In absolute dismay, we kept walking, thinking that the drink-stop may well be at Kwakka Kave, but alas, it was not to be there either.

Approaching Chevron Bridge into Surfers some of our hardy group pondered the thought of just going back to Chateau Swindler but then we decided to really push ourselves and we ventured onto the bridge, intending to do a loop of Surfers and perhaps find that elusive drink-stop, which by now we had been assured by a returning runner, Rug, that it was down by that fine establishment called Howl at the Moon. An executive decision was however made that we would simply turn back at the Surfers’ end of the bridge….we didn’t want to miss the promised “female entertainment” that was apparently to commence at 7.00pm!…..but more on that later!

So, in summary, a great walk was had by a surprising number of Hashers who would normally be running, including yours truly…as for the runners, well, they came back in dribs and drabs and of course the usual suspect was accused of shortcutting and making it up as he went along!  A great walk and run was had by all…well, really a great Hash Debacle seems to have been had, but hey, it’s all about the company so a big thankyou to Swindler for the run and walk.

The Nosh:

You have to admit that Swindler does not, repeat does not ever disappoint on the nosh front. With his merry band of Warriors Premier Cycling Troupe members he dished up some mighty fine tucker tonight, as I am sure you will all agree. Starters were gourmet sausage on Turkish bread slivers…all keenly devoured by the attendees while soaking up the fabulous views and knocking back a few beers and other drinks.

Mains…oh, the mains, I am assured was Swindler’s grandmother’s secret recipe for meatloaf…damned tasty it was too….hmmmm….looked awfully like an “off the shelf” product to me, but I am no expert so in total disregard of the old joke about a lawyer lying when his lips are moving, I shall take Swindler on his word that he cooked it all himself from his old gran’s recipe!! It was bloody lovely, never-mind where it came from!

For dessert we had what Swindler described as his mother’s time-tested recipe…again, looked like something off the shelf to me, but who am I to question my legal brethren!! Again, it was bloody marvellous!

A fine effort on the nosh Swindler, but were you trying to keep us all away from it by setting up an obstacle course of broken outdoor furniture around the side of the house???

The Circle:

First item on the agenda was to thank Swindler and his merry band of helpers for their efforts…go the Warriors…I may be absent from the rides more often than not, but my heart is still with you all!!

We had it confirmed that indeed there was a drink stop on the run…pity most of us missed it!! Brewtus and Sir Botcho were commended on their search and navigation skills in being the first to the drink stop.

Bluecard, Kwakka (nice to have you back in the fold after a little absence ), Swindler, Shat and Seedy came out for a down-down for having organised the whole evening. Well done guys…it was great fun.

Swindler then took another down-down for telling fibs about the outsourcing of the nosh.

Miscarriage and Sir Rabbit were out the front to get a down-down for being in the media…I think that the next we see if Sir Rabbit in the media it might be on a charge and appearing in the Magistrates Court at Southport for slaughtering bats!!

Miscarriage came  out to strut his stuff as usual…bringing a charge against Sir Prince Valiant for being refused possession of his car at the garage at which he had left it for repairs…apparently he was so suspicious looking in his Hash gear that the fellow didn’t believe that it was his car!!

Slug then proceeded to march Iceman, Truckie, Now Loved and Miscarriage out the front for consideration for the Prick of the Week award. Now Loved won hands down on his loss of a passport overseas…come on…we know it was knicked by a Katoy!!

Next week’s run…from Bluecard’s place at Highland Park…we are assured that on average it will be a totally flat run!

The “entertainment”

Tonight we were privileged to have Penny Toland, mayoral candidate, amongst our numbers to explain why we should vote for her and none other…a lovely young lady with a high degree of intelligence, commitment to the community and she bloody spoke a lot of common sense. Personally, she gets my vote for mayor!!

With that, Josephine brought the evening to a close.


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