Run 1999

Run 1999

Run: 1999

Date: 22/02/2016

Location: Highland Park

Hares:Blue card & Fullershit

Hashers: 24

Blue Card’s Run from “High- Land-Park”
I wonder why it is called Highland Park?  A group of _ _ runners, walkers, visitors & esky bandits assembled for the night’s briefing then on their way down the meandering terrain of Mt Blue Card Manor & up Ben Lomond Ski Slope to the bottom of Mt Everest to venture on up to base camp.

It was base camp where your’s truly decided not to waste all this stored energy ( Kinetic as I recall ) and ran back down passing a few of the walkers who never made base camp. For your info: The peak was 151m and base camp was 51m, Ascent 146m, descent 157m. Having made an early return to the bucket, I had first choice of the refreshments and chose VB’s over the Girly drinks on offer. Entertainment for the night was Truck Tyres, first with the arrival of the trailer and then his Tarzan impersonation of swinging in the trees and lashing the floodlight with the very vine that got him up there.

An array of fine dips and Jatz crackers set the scene for a delicious pot of curry and enough rice for a chinese army. With numbers down on this delightful evening second helpings were plentiful, as was the paddle pop deserts that followed. Once the tables & chairs were stored safely back into the trailer which Truck Tyres so kindly delivered, the circle formed for the evenings formalities. Down Downs were administered to the Hares of course: Blue Card & Fullershit, Truck Tyres for his Tarzan antics, Blackstump for his usual over achieving exploits combined with Ice Man & Bent Banana for lack of imagination in the silly hat theme.

They were all given the business card of a hat retail outlet in Robina where they can find a suitable hat for next time. Gifts of Cadbury chocolate samples were distributed to all as gifts from Tasmania from Jigsaw’s recent junket. POW was awarded to Fullershit by Now Loved after all other potential candidates were eliminated for using un standard trail setting protocol.

Two Canadian Visitors introduced by Elvis: “Fucknose” &” I forgot” were treated to the traditional Hash welcoming beverages before Josephine called it all to an end.

PS Showpony is back in Hospital for follow up treatment from a previous un winding visit and Sir Prince is in for a Cat Scan on his ear, or was it rear? I’m not sure as no notes were taken and I sill don’t like this job as scribe, keep it brief and test your brain’s capacity for remembering things if anything?

Stay tuned for a Splinterlunch flyer after “Rug’s pending visit there today: Fukang Chinese restaurant Frank St Labrador. My sick spell checker wanted to change “Fukang” to something else I would rather not publish for fear of Google re percussions.

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