Run 2000

Run 2000

Run: Run 2000

Date: 29th April – 1st May 2016

Location: Boonah

Hares: The Sirs and many helpers

Hashers: 120

The celebrations began at 2.00pm with registration. Yours truly, Mrs FC and Rug were given the task of handing out T-shirts and other goodies and registering the runners and others and telling them where they would be accommodated. Well….it was like herding cats!!! There were people in corridors, people without beds, but hey, in the end it all worked out and I understand that everybody ended up with somewhere to lay their weary heads.

After registrations, many of us went to our digs to spruce up for the festivities of the night, being the formal dinner. Some of us had a small “nanna nap” but it was obvious that some thought it was a good idea to just keep the hell on drinking!!

Dinner was served…you guessed it, at the highest point of the resort, meaning a tough climb up the hill for many of us….but it was worth it…the organising committee had laid it all out beautifully with set tables and all nicely decorated. Most of the GCHHH were resplendent in their formal attire, meaning tails and hats….some of us were a bit slacker than that and just dressed as we would for a splinter lunch (me included!).

The food was excellent but I think that the caterers had a bit of an issue with portion control as I hear that some attendees were not able to be provided with their mains. I hope that this resolved in the end. The entrees were loved dumplings, all provided out of the Hash Trailer and I particularly noted the hard work being done by Sir Prince Valiant and Lion, slaving over hot (very hot!) woks.

The music for the night was provided by Sir Rabbit and it was most appropriate for the occasion, with most of us recognising all of the tunes he had selected…thanks Sir Rabbit.

Out the front controlling the flow of alcohol I recall seeing Sir Two Dogs who appeared to be in control but others were also there, including Sir Botcho.

The night, up to the point when I left, which was fairly early, went brilliantly…I think my head hit the pillow at a few minutes past 8.00pm so I leave it to others to fill in the gaps!!

But…….that is not where my night ended because at exactly 12.03 am (I checked the time on my phone) I was awoken by the dulcet tones of Mme Latrine, who has obviously succumbed to the effects of alcohol….I think he’d better stick to his day job and leave the singing to Pavarotti and others.

Breakfast on Saturday was a site to behold…these Hashers must be a tough lot because there they all were, mostly fresh as daisies, ready to consume vast amounts of breakfast. Even Mme Latrine fronted looking fairly fresh, considering the punishment he had inflicted on his poor body.

Of note were the tremendous efforts of the team doing the breakfast. I don’t want to miss any body out but Caustic was there sweating over hot barbeques, Lion over dirty dishes along with Rock Hard, Botcho organising plates and cutlery and numerous other helpers racing around keeping everybody happy.

Last word must go to our boozemasters…Weekly and Brewtus were there all the time ensuring that we had ample supplies of cold booze on hand. Thanks guys, you’ve done yourselves proud.

I think that’s all I can say from the little time that I was there…but it was a WONDERFUL day and I cannot thank the organising committee enough, on behalf of all who attended.

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec for Friday

2000th Run…..Saturday 30/4/2016…Report by Ferrett and a bit by Sir Rabbit

My first recollections of Saturday at Boonah was when I stepped out of the darkness of Room 8 or was it Room 10? at 0210 hrs for my regular middle of the night “snakes hiss ” and saw a body wrapped up in a blue doonah lying on the floor boards outside the men,s dunny just across from our room. I must have disturbed the said body as whilst standing contemplating the steam rising from the bowl I heard someone in the Ladies Comfort Room next door  loudly calling for “herbyyyyyy “.  Upon exiting the men,s I noticed the body had disappeared .
I have been advised on good authority the Body belonged to Brewtus.

Upon arising about 0630 I was co-opted to the kitchen by SPV and given the special task of cooking about 120 fried eggs. What a team…Caustic on Bacon etc , Botcho running around the place like a Blue Assed fly doing everything and anything. SPV giving orders… and Sir Rabbit looking for his lost keys, In the end all good , everyone got a feed and the kitchen ran like clockwork.

There was a general buzz in the air about 1400 as Sir Slab hovered near the start. SPV was in a tither as the night before the caterer was about 15 meals short and he was going to make damn sure it did not happen again , soooo he and I attempted to count everyone as they mingled about in nervous anticipation of a cracker of a run/walk in the Boonah countryside. Try as we may we kept getting different totals so in the end we made everyone pretend they were sheep and proceed out the opening in the fence. …Counted 102 on that occasion so I guess SPV added a few and got to a correct number as we all got fed on Saturday night.

I went with the walkers lead by “Sir Rabbit” and got up a bit of a sweat around the streets and paddocks. Never seen so many roos and wallabies so close to a town , there must have 50 to 60 of them. The run/walk finished in the:

BBQ area at the bottom of the hill inside the of “The Outlook ” complex and heaps of beer and wine was consumed . A typical Men’s hash circle was conducted by SPV and many down downs awarded to outstanding participants. A great chorus of hash drinking songs was lead off by “Flower” who we later discovered had a great pair of Jugs that she proudly displayed for the asking later in the evening. Untouched by gravity but I’m not sure about the fondling hands of drunken hashmen.

The evenings festivities commenced around 1900 with soft carefully selected background music provided by “Sir Rabbit Productions” The alcohol soon loosened up everyone and by 2000 hrs the party was under way under the direction of “Paul McKenna” the Professional Entertainer “ formally from the car rally last year. A great meal of chicken and or steak was devoured by all followed by a selection of sweets. The music was cranked up and all the rockers were soon on the floor again.

After a small altercation with a Turtle in a Blond wig and skin tight leggings and a pissed Harriet complaining about that they should get a best dressed prize. A quick team of Judges assembled and came up with some worthy winners. Suitable bottles of wine for prizes were selected and around 2100 SPV called for quiet and gave out the bottles of fine wine to deserving winners that had bothered to dress up in the Seventies gear.

Seems it was supposed to be a theme night? “but no one told most of us”. Winners were: Turtle for mentioning the prize & Richard Clapton “alias Cheesy Pizza” won the sought after prizes as best dressed or undressed I’m not sure?. The party continued and your scribes for the night both fucked off early to catch up on some much needed zzzzzzzz.

Being of sound mind and knowing one of us had to drive the Range Rover and trailer back next day and called it quits about 2200 and slipped of to my bed

On On

Ferrett & Sir Rabbit

 Link to 2000th Run Circle

One thought on “Run 2000

  1. Botcho Post author

    What a fun weekend. The quality and sizing on the shirts provided at Boonah was great.
    Bed pan
    Coffs harbour
    I have only just got home and have had a chance to read the feedback from fellow Hasher’s on the GCH3 2000th.
    It was all positive and glowing.

    Just to be different I have to have a whinge!

    What is my whinge?

    (Scroll down)

    No matter how hard I try, I can find absolutely NOTHING to whinge about!!

    Well done guys, absolutely brilliant!


    Slab, Botcho and all the 2000th Organizing/Delivery Team – take a bow guys, you executed a wonderful event.
    Tough but brilliant 3days of Bike Ride and a fabulous venue and party at Boonah.

    Great Job done by all the organising hashers and the team of volunteers

    on on


    Done with style and thoroughness characteristic of the Gold Coast Men’s Hash Club.

    On On, Rock hard

    Fantastic job well done !!

    Great bike ride through tough country followed by a tremendous weekend well planned and brilliantly executed


    Caustic and miss SA

    Thanks Botcho and team

    I saved the report as a momento. Thank Latrine from me.

    On On

    Chezzy Pizza

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