Run 2010

Run 2010

Run: Run 2010

Date: 2/5/2016

Location: Carrara

Hares: Bent Banana and Fanny Charmer

Hashers: 27

 After the Boonah Bonanza we all expected tonight to be a bit of a quiet night and sure enough there were a few absences tonight, but a hardy bunch numbering 22, including several visitors, gathered at the exact location of our first run 38 years ago….it’s now where the boat ramp is located at Emerald Lakes, but all those years ago it was the site of the Gold Coast race track and as Sir Prince noted, back then he could hear the cars from his house down at Miami…ahhh the good old days…much has certainly changed in all those years, but let’s hope that hashing continues on strongly into the future.

Apart from commemorating our first run from this site, tonight served a dual purpose, with those present holding the usual ceremony in honor of Sewerage and all of those other Hashers who have passed on to the check on the other side, but more on that later….

 The Run:

The hare tonight was Bent Banana, and yes, normally he sets the Sewerage memorial run from Allambie Gardens with the ceremony being held at his gravestone, but as this was also a commemorative run for the first run ever held by GCHHH, the venue was changed….despite the fact that this was made clear to the runners, there has to be one….Flasher!!…off on his own little tangent again, coming back to the start about 20 minutes after everybody else, but with all due credit to him, he decided to go off on his own little deviation to go to Sewerage’s grave and pay his respects on his own and have a moment of contemplation …a touching tale Flasher!!

Given that I did neither  the run or the walk as I was busy preparing the mains for the nosh,I am unable to provide much of a description but everybody who came back seems to have had a decent run or walk and all seem to have recovered well from the festivities of the weekend. Clearly those still recovering are the ones who weren’t here tonight!!  Also, if you were here, you know what the run was like and if you weren’t, do you really give a cracker anyway??

The Nosh:

Starters this week was definitely left overs from the Boonah weekend…but what leftovers they were!! Beautiful slices of ham that were very quickly devoured by all and sundry…thank you Sir Prince Valiant for that effort!

After the brilliant curries that were served up to us last week at the Anzac Day run, it was going to be a hard one to beat but I did try my best with a large pot of Spanish meatballs, done to my mother’s own recipe…firstly covered in a bit of flour, then lightly browned in a frypan then finished off in the pot with the sauce with the secret ingredients. I also provided a large amount of spaghetti to go with it…I hope youse all enjoyed it…..but can you believe this…rather than simply put a dollop of the secret recipe sauce over the spaghetti, what did Ferrett do??…yep, he drowned the spaghetti with tomato sauce!!!!….he was appropriately castigated for revealing his true bogan colours!!

Dessert was provided by Sir  Prince Valiant who brought out the massive wok he’d used at Boonah to….wait for it…….fry bananas!!! These were served up with ice cream and they truly hit the spot…I will remember that one!

The Circle:

Circle commenced with the GM bringing out all of those responsible for tonight’s run and nosh, namely me, Bent Banana and Sir Prince…..yeah….a well deserved down-down..yeah!!!

Moving on quickly to the RA’s spot,  Sir Two Dogs started off by bringing out the front our two visitors from Hawaii,  who also happen to have attended the 2000th run celebrations, Saintly Suds and Easy Lips…a big welcome to the Gold Coast guys, hope you enjoy your stay.

Sir Botcholism was brought out to be recognised for all of his wonderful efforts on the 2000th run celebrations…but he did show that he is human as well as super-human as he told the gluten-free lot to go and get fucked apparently!!

Caustic Crusader brought a charge against Flasher for having gone off course and going to Sewerage’s gravesite for his own personal memorial service.

Ferrett was also brought out on a charge of having put tomato sauce, yes, bloody tomato sauce, on the fine meal I prepared!!

Sir Botcholism was called back out the front for forgetting the POW, with the unlikely excuse of “I didn’t think it appropriate on a night that we are remembering the gone”!!! What??? Come on Botcho, with all the work you had to do for the 2000th run, you simply forgot, didn’t you?? A well deserved down-down Botcho!!

Fullershit was called out to the Circle as a returning runner and presented the GM with a small bottle of wine from China that is 55% proof…don’t drink it all at once Rug!!

Our boozemaster Weekly told the circle that in his opinion, the entire organising committee for the 2000th bike ride ought to be iced for making him take Mme Latrine home….apparently Latrine consumed not only his own bottle of wine, but also mixed the dregs out of several other bottles, both red and white, and consumed that too…Weekly said he didn’t stop talking all the way from Boonah to home!!…..oh, and on the subject of Weekly, apparently at Boonah he and his co-boozemaster Brewtus were sharing a room but poor Brewtus had to move his bed into the corridor thanks to the chainsaw-like snoring of dear old Weekly.

The Sewerage Memorial:

Sir Prince Valiant then stepped to the centre to tell of Sewerage’s escapades, of which I am sure we all  know, including falling off the roof of a moving train whilst on a Hash event, which no doubt contributed to his early demise, which we were informed was now 31 years ago!!! All other departed Hashers were also remembered.

Sir Rabbit has gone hi-tech and he raced around before this little ceremony, telling us all to make sure that we had all switched off blue-tooth on our phones as he was about to connect his iPod to his wireless blue-tooth speaker for the obligatory 21 fart salute to Sewerage. With that and the port salute and the “fuck him” hymn, the solemn occasion came to an end.

….and that gentlemen is a wrap!! On that note, Ferrett, in the absence of Moonbeams, heralded the END OF CIRCLE!

Up Coming Events:

Next week’s run is hosted by Sir Slabb and it will be from the Robina Soccer Club and at the usual time of 6.15 now that all of these bloody public holidays are all over and done with.

That’s all folks!!

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec.


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